Best Children’s Bedroom Ideas

Trends come and go, but the best children’s bedroom ideas inspire little people’s imaginations and creativity and keep them cosy and safe. Here are some ideas for giving the boys and girls in your life a reason to stay in their rooms…

Colour Blocking

green skylight blinds in kid's room

A good place to start when choosing kid’s room paint ideas is using different hues to zone spaces. Older children may need a place to study so require a calmer corner where a desk will fit, and smaller children may want a cosy decor with patterns, kid friendly themes or characters by the bed. For a scheme that will last longer than their current favourite superhero fad, try a warm neutral like beige by the bed, with a band of orange where a traditional picture or dado rail would have been placed. This will look soft and welcoming at night but also a nod to more sophisticated modern design (parent and child friendly). A plain orange roller blind will unite the scheme.

What Do They Really Like to Do?

Want to allow some independence by encouraging them to entertain themselves? Discuss what they love to play with and put it within easy reach. Non-spilling art materials such as pencils and stickers with a slab of paper will encourage them to create independently. Easy-open under bed storage or drawers make it simpler for them to tidy up after themselves. Kid’s room bedroom sets often come with furniture that multi-tasks for study and play and can grow with them; often pieces can change use as their need changes (i.e. bunk beds that can be adapted into a desk when homework takes over).

Getting Lighting Right

Children’s lighting needs to work on lots of levels. Task light for play and homework, low light kid’s lamp for storytelling and wind-down time (don’t forget a night light for the littler ones). Teenagers will work better with a blind that filters light as they need (and want) to sleep longer at weekends. Layer the lighting at different height levels with different wattages so you can control the effect. For early risers or in summer months ensure you manage daylight: children’s blackout blind ranges can have fun, friendly patterns but still incorporate high performance materials to keep them snug at night and cool for a summer afternoon nap. Invaluable for good sleep for the whole household.

Make Them the Stars

Almost every parent has a story regarding felt tip pens and a blank white wall. Avoid these flash points by making their self expression a feature. Introduce an art wall with durable paint, so Blu-Tack and Sellotape don’t peel strips off the wall when they want to change posters or photographs, or black board paint they can wipe clean between art sessions. A mix of the two, a wall mural for creative kids with wall stickers they can use to add in their own storytelling will give them a chance to express themselves freely whilst also a decorative asset.

Research shows that personal mementos such as nice memories from holidays make kids feel secure and happy. Treat your little ones to some bespoke Roller Blinds to brighten up their bedrooms.


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