Fun & Creative Children’s Playroom Ideas for a Happy Home

The success of a kid’s playroom design depends largely on who oversaw the playroom ideas. Little people might demand a princess themed playroom or demand something space themed (including zero gravity). However, if you want a room that works for you as well as them, follow our guide to make it less work and all play.

Making it Last

decorative kids bedroom

‘Cool’ playroom ideas depend on the age of your child, but some themes such as nautical playrooms, forest-themed playrooms or animal motifs are perennially popular. Plus, they work for any gender or age. The trick for longevity with those notoriously fad loving little people, is to keep the backdrop simple. A sky with birds in it can be draped with pirate flags or bunting, which can grow into a more restful, generic beach scene as they grow too. And use hard-wearing finishes; many paints come in hard-wearing, washable versions, and carpets that are sealed to protect against juice and paint spills are comfortable to play on but won’t cause rows. 

Space Saving Storage & Furniture

Playroom storage is the key to a happy and tidy room. But adult storage ideas don’t always fit the bill. Keep it very simple if you want it to work.

  • Scale is very important. It’s easy to forget kids often want to sprawl on the floor and grown up pieces can seem like mountains in proportion. Look for kid’s furniture suitable for their age, like a low-level playroom sofa or day bed (if it can turn into a guest bed too it will always come in useful).
  • Playroom seating, whether at a desk to encourage homework or for story time, needs to be set at the right height for comfort. All the better if it can incorporate playroom storage. A lid that lifts is just one easy move which allows them to throw in toys, or a big pull out drawer on wheels stored under a window seat, can be dragged into the middle of the room for Lego play and pushed back under at tidy up time.
  • Other great playroom storage ideas include walls hung with fabric pockets for papers, pencils and teddies, or low level shelving that follows the edge of the room for books and models. The more easily children can reach things, the more likely they are to be involved in putting it away (or grabbing it themselves without having to call for you…).

Art Attack

bedroom under the eaves

A kid’s wall art will encourage creativity as well as giving them a way to start their decorating career. Playroom wall art doesn’t just have to be pinned up drawings; you can use metallic paint to hold magnets for school timetables. And even if you don’t have a full wall a flat radiator can make an easy magnetic notice board.

Blackboard paint will encourage creative wall murals in chalk that can change with the seasons, or a rope light around the edges or paint that glows in the dark.

Keeping it Fun and Safe

kids toys on window ledge
The right scale furniture will ensure that large chests of drawers don’t topple on little ones, and you can secure larger bookshelves or drawers to the wall with brackets (pieces for children’s rooms often now come with optional plastic ones for just this reason). Be aware that children will play on any surface they can, a popular spot being the window ledge where they can show their favourite toys to the passing world outside. This an essential area for prioritising child safe blinds.

Children can be caught in the loops of traditional blind cords or chains and we all know they have a habit of climbing up on ledges (another reason to keep chairs and cots away from windows). Look for cordless blind alternatives such LiteRise® or PowerView® Motorisation and innovations such as quick release cord connectors. Knowing they are secure means all of you can play in peace.

We’ve been developing child friendly innovations for over 10 years, so for ideas on choosing the right children’s blinds for optimum safety visit our child safety page.




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