Helping you to keep cooler this Summer

With the weather hotting-up, now is a good time to think about keeping your homes cooler, and protecting your furniture from heat damage.

Helping you to keep cooler this Summer

The Luxaflex® Duette® range offers enhanced cooling properties, helping you to control the temperature in your home whilst creating shade.

Precisely crafted the unique cell structure of Duette® Shades helps to naturally regulate the temperature while softening ambient noises and reducing energy costs overall - what's not to love!

To help reduce UV rays entering the home, Luxaflex® Pirouette® and Silhouette® sheer fabrics are also perfect for protecting furniture against discolouration.

But, that’s not the only way to keep cooler during the warmer months either, why not try….

For a better nights sleep

Opt for linen or cotton sheets, stay away from satin and silk. Lightly coloured bed linen made from light fabrics, such as egytption cotton are breathable , so you’ll most likely enjoy a calmer more relaxing night's sleep.

Circulate the heat

Fans can be great in mild heat, and can help to create that much needed breeze, the trick is to point them outside, slightly towards the windows, so that they push out the hot air. You can also improve airflow around the home, by opening windows and doors to let the cool air drift-on-through.

Reduce heat in the home

Light bulbs give off vast amounts of heat, even the environmentally friendly options - so switch them off. Don’t forget the sun shines for much longer now, so by keeping the lights off, you’ll not only save on your energy bill, but reduce excess heat in the home.

Helpful shading

Luxaflex® Awnings can provide perfect shading to keep you cool through the hottest of days, enabling the use of the patio area even when the weather is less than ideal.

The choice is vast, available in a variety of systems, providing shade and elegance to all sizes of patios. Spotlights can also be fitted into the arms of our Luxaflex® Awning or as an integrated lightbox to create a beautifully sophisticated lighting effect.