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Colour is joyous. Commit to using colour in your interior decorating and you can transform your moods, play with proportions and create a confident, positive backdrop for your home life.  With so much to gain from going bold, we’ve got a few ideas for getting creative with colour at the window and beyond.


Soul Food

Colour and light have a profound effect on the spirit, so they should be one of the first places to start when beginning a decorating scheme. Combining the two immediately changes what is possible; creating a soothing or energising mood is more in your control than you think.  The first thing to consider is the type of light coming in through your windows. Bright sun in a south-facing window can create intense heat, and adding carefully colourful blinds can affect that sensation. Colourful decorating using a chilled blue will cool the senses without muting the light. For a north-facing room try on-trend mustards or oranges that will warm up the weak light as it filters through fabric window treatments, or reflects off painted Venetian Blinds.


Let it Flow

Bedroom colour combinations need to work for several purposes: from promoting a restful nights sleep, a sensual mood, somewhere to think and reflect or get ready for a busy day. The key to employing colourful room ideas in this space is to keep it simple. This soft yet intense green on the walls is continued in the Pirouette Blinds, so at night the sensation is calm and neutral but by day, brings glamorous, undulating curves and precise light management. To stop the scheme from feeling too plain, the addition of a vintage lampshade adds a pop of coral for an interesting contrast.


Go Deep

Fabric and paint colours should never feel like an afterthought. Committing to your colour choice is essential for a look that has both confidence and power.

Home design that uses rich, dark hues is truly memorable and can turn an average space into an arresting focus. Even a small entryway can become an exciting feature. Black is surprisingly easy to work with, hides a multitude of sins and works as a great backdrop for other colours and natural materials, like wicker and wood. These black Silhouette shades work amazingly well at letting light and the view flow, whilst adding to the sharp, sophisticated feel that black generates. Perfect for creating a period drama.


In Reverse

Opposite in tone but just as effective if shown the same commitment, when white is employed as the dominant colour it has a powerful effect. Used with confidence and not as an insipid backdrop, white can transform any space into an ethereal, serene yet powerful space. Adding in some made-to-measure white wooden blinds that fit exactly your light and privacy needs completes the timeless quality that white brings. It is an ideal way to make the white porcelain of bathrooms feel part of a complete and considered scheme, not just standard hardware. Bathroom blinds also need to be hard-wearing, so consider faux wooden blinds that are durable and moisture-resistant, but do not compromise the classical style.


Vintage Hue

A truly contemporary house style is about many eras: mix modern and antique with personal memento to create a story, resulting in a real and stylish home. Period pieces are a great way to do this; adding a contemporary moulded rocking chair with this vintage flock wallpaper and mid-century modern side table creates a warm and interesting tableau. The similar colour family brings every item from the dark wood floor, cream sheepskin and even the pop of orange into harmony. Allowing these details to shine, the calming tone and rhythm of a pleated blind, a soft grey Duette, keeps the mood chic.


Flip the Script

Decorating a house interior has some well-trodden standards; colour on the wall, white blinds at the window. But blinds can be an incredible way to draw the eye to the window (and view) making them a feature, and change the mood as the day changes. When closed, these blinds become a rich wall of warming red, perfect for cosy chats, but in the day the blind becomes a series of stripes, stopping this band of windows from feeling bland. Colourful window blinds can also be used to alter the proportions of a room. They can function in place of the classic interior design idea of creating a band of paint in a room to break up a long bank of plain wall, or to lower the sense of a high ceiling. Think about what you want to enhance or minimise in your home, and then consider more interesting ways to achieve it for instant design credibility.


Tone as Colour

House decorating ideas need to combine the practical with the enjoyable. Considering blinds to go in a shower or wet room can put the everyday concerns ahead of the beauty. Natural wood tones can deliver a rich hue that adds a layered depth to what, by necessity, is a limited range of materials and palette. Wooden Venetian Blinds or faux wooden blinds in mahogany or cherry wood will warm up the space. Used here with another tone of wood and some large-scale tiles, the pared-back room feels indulgent. Perfect fit blinds are essential here, for privacy, warmth and comfort.


Behind the Scenes

Living room décor ideas need to work when you aren’t; so that tends to be evenings or weekends. Keeping these rooms comfortable at this time but also year-long means managing the light and thermal gain, as well as privacy and mood. Not a small ask. This bold petrol blue combined with fresh white is an ideal room painting idea for a classical feel with a bit more of an edge. If you are lucky enough to have original wooden shutters, but find the binary open/closed options restricting, try combining with a Day and Night blind delivers maximum flexibility and control but has a neat profile, keeping the look sleek. This Plisse combined blind allows complete privacy but with different moods and light management; an ideal front room idea where you might want to keep a busy street at bay. Rich colour when you want it, white when you don’t.


Paint it Colourful

Modern colour schemes for a living room may tend towards the more restricted palette, but of all the house paint colour combinations that can be playful, the kitchen is the place to play. Kitchen blinds and door blinds are a great place for adding in a shock of colour that instantly brings a bold focus and changes the feel of a room. These bright yellow metal Venetian blinds are practical, pretty and add some 1950s quirk. After all, the most important thing about using coloured blinds? Bringing home the joy.

For more ideas on how to be bold at home, see our graphic interior ideas.



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