Purple Reigns; How To Use Purple To Create A Regal Bedroom

Jerusalem artichoke purple bedroom decor

Purple bedrooms have a very particular mood, whether in the washed out tones of Jerusalem artichokes or the richness of deep purple velvet cushions. More playful than black yet more serious than pink, purple bedrooms convey a sense of luxurious decadence but also sleek sensuality. From the addition of some simple plum bedroom accessories like a faux fur throw to a fully committed Arts and Crafts William Morris purple and green bedroom, purple is perfect for the design brave hearted. Here are six ways you can enjoy purple’s reign.

purple Luxaflex blind

1). Changing States

Purple works very differently with different types of lighting, which is why purple bedroom décor is wonderful for creating a broad range of moods. Purple decoration ideas need to allow for these changes; as seen in the folds of these Duette blinds the bright sunlight can lift the tone to seem bright and energetic and almost pink, whereas the darkest recesses of the blinds stay rich and sumptuous. Some deep colours can seem oppressive or washed out in daylight, but the complexity of purple means light can be used to draw out other different design elements in the room. Try putting a brass or copper wall sconce against a purple wall to see how warm and sumptuous it makes the shade and add a luxe edge to both. As a result, make sure your design elements can work both day and night.

purple kid's bedroom ideas

2). It’s All About Range

It doesn’t have to be just about deep purple; this colour offers a wide spectrum of tones to choose from. Little girl bedroom ideas lend themselves to lilac or lavender as does a teenage girls room. It gives leeway for their tastes to grow as they do, without repainting after each birthday. Grey and lavender bedroom ideas also work well for shared gender rooms or ‘tween’ bedroom ideas, with differing ages or styles, as this subtle combination can be dressed up with primary colour pops or black accents like lamps or bed heads.

3). Light Hearted

In a bedroom that never feels warm, or suffers from weak north-facing light, using a purple Venetian blind at the window can be transformative. The feeling of that light will be gently warmed up as it passes through the slats, creating a softer feel. Try using a plum tone rather than a purple with a blue base to keep the sensation soft rather than graphic and chilly, which will have the opposite effect to the one desired.

4). Dress It Up

Your purple scheme may already hold court in the bedroom, but some extra little ‘jewellery’ can further flatter its qualities. Natural partners for all shades of purple from a silvery lilac or lavender to a true, vivid and dark tone are metallics and neutrals. Or even better, a combination of all three. A purple and gold bedroom may seem a tad ostentatious, but a purple and cream bedroom with some subtle pewter or gold accents in table trim or window blind hardware feels layered. Using a cream or white window blind like Pirouette as part of this scheme rather than purple means the quality of light won’t be altered by the fabric as the light passes through it.  This is a good way to make dark purple bedroom ideas softer and still work in the summer when you want a more airy feel.

5). Take It Out Of The Bedroom

When focusing on how to decorate a bedroom it’s easy to forget that a room with no connection to those spaces around it can make a bolder colour scheme seem jarring and out of place. If you want to blend your strong bedroom game with the rest of your home (assuming it’s not all purple) then adding a hint of purple in the hallway can work well. This Twist blind also obscures the urbane view, while providing a sleek focal point as you make your way down the stairs into the even more interesting space beyond. 


6). Purple Hearts

Purple bedroom accessories can instantly turn a quiet white, beige or grey scheme into a more languid and exciting space. A purple and grey bedroom, even where the neutrals are dominant, has a sense of layered luxury. And don’t feel you have to stick to purple cushions and purple bed linen; try adding in rich-hued glassware for their reflective qualities.  And with the added benefit of bringing a little Byronesque drama to the bedroom.

Want more ideas from our dealers on how to bring purple home? Take a look at our Products page to see our full range.


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