Stylish Kitchen Colour Schemes You Want In Your Home

Beautiful Kitchen Colour Ideas For 2017

It’s the place we spend most of our time, where we often start and end the day. So it’s nice to feel our kitchen is a little reflection of our tastes and stylistically on point. But given that kitchens are not a small investment practically often makes us plump for practicality over edginess. So we’ve found some subtle ways to bring the winning kitchen colour schemes 2017 into your home without too much culinary commitment.

  • Trend colours with longevity – using teal

    Interior decorators and stylists alike went crazy for blues greener sister teal in 2017. Although it may seem more of a sofa or bedroom colour, we think a teal kitchen can bring a sense of freshness without feeling too icy. In window treatments they can cool down the heat of a south facing kitchen (especially if incorporating insulation technology such as Architella) and give a strong update without too much investment in items you won’t want to replace like cupboards or hardware. Another way to borrow it’s richness is with small teal kitchen utensils or teal kitchen walls around your seating area to warm it up. If you find that teal seems too much of a jump from an all white scheme, layer in some aqua kitchen accessories like hand towels or a table cloth to ‘step’ and unite the colours.

  • Café Style – red and white

    More than any colour scheme for kitchens and as eternal as the French bistro or long Italian outdoor tables that they evoke, the combining of red and white creates a iconic yet approachable feel. However, a red and white kitchen doesn’t mean that you need to live with a bright red kitchen that glares like a fire engine

    at every turn. Using the scheme can be as simple as adding the odd red highlight to make a pop of colour to lift a neutral scheme in a graphic, modern red kitchen accessory like a kettle or coffee pot. A classic red and white table oilcloth can be ideal for bringing some fun into a kitchen busy with daily life, but can also be removed in the evening to allow a more grown up feel. To stop this scheme feeling twee, use the natural materials such as wood in a pale beech for a very contemporary airy feel. This means that should red stop turning your head, you can change up your more neutral back drop in your kitchen colour scheme, by swapping in a new highlight hue as the mood takes you.

  • Black with bold

    Bright kitchen colours aren’t to everyone’s taste, yet a black marble kitchen worktop for some seems like a very appealing or practical solution. If you like your kitchen with a little drama then these darker schemes can feel very luxe, but be careful how you use bold colours with black; a lime green and black kitchen can seem very dated if it’s used in equal proportions, so use acid shades in subtle ways, such as a semi- transparent blind and add a texture that offsets the hard edges of solid black items.

    The best colours for a kitchen to help you achieve and overall atmosphere and can transition from day to night, so fresh in the morning and more cocooning as the sun goes down. A very polished black surface will bounce back a lot of light into a room, from windows or electric light. If you want to up the glamour quotient it can work well with coppers or strong, rich brown tones. It’s always better with black, to commit to it’s indulgent qualities rather than make it more pedestrian with pale tones in spaces like this.

  • Sophisticated shades

    A grey and yellow kitchen will harness one of 2017s major colour combination trends but is also likely to stand the test of time. It’s all about where you use it: a grey stone kitchen worktop or grey herringbone tiles will never date, so you can invest more heavily in these core items. Yellow as colour is a great way to

    introduce some joy and playfulness, whether in yellow kitchen cabinets or quirky yellow kitchen accessories such as yellow knife block. The best way to use it however is at the window; yellow blinds, whether metal venetian blinds or fabric, will change the quality of light that moves through it. It can warm even the coldest light, giving the window a glowing quality and making a room seem more comfortable and invigorating.

  • Metal Kitchen Accents

    Hard wear in kitchens such as taps and sinks are almost exclusively metal. Bold flat colour can be hard to make work with these details. The way to make it work is deciding whether to look choose a matt finish or a shiny one. A brass kitchen faucet will add some vintage charm to red and white, or a copper kitchen splash back can be a good step between a black kitchen units and a teal wall. If you want to help metal accents feel more part of your overall scheme, modern aluminium vertical blinds or Venetian blinds come in all manner of finish and pattern to unite the metallic elements in a room.

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