The Buyers Guide To Roman Blinds

Red Luxaflex Roman blinds in library.

Made to measure Luxaflex® Roman Blinds are the ideal choice for a window treatment that feels both decorative and uncluttered. The elegant, linear form of Roman Blinds allows the fabric to be the focus, be that an earthy, textured neutral fabric or a floral print on a shimmering silk. And Roman Blinds work in every room in your home. From a traditional, cosy look to a sleek modernist retreat, every possible decorating style works with this attractive window treatment look.

Luxaflex linen roman blinds outside mount

Location Is Everything

When planning your Roman Blinds design, start with location. A bedroom, nursery or draughty sitting room may benefit from the cosy, cocooning qualities of a room-darkening lined velvet blind. Want the luxury of linen folds in a bathroom but also to keep maintenance low? Choose a washable fabric and ensure the ventilation in the room is suitable; ask your local Luxaflex showroom expert to walk through the options for your room so you get the perfect look and fit that meets your needs.

Luxaflex inside mount roman blinds

In or Out

One of the first considerations is whether to place your Roman Blinds inside or outside of the window frame. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a radiator’s warmth, recess the Roman Blind into the window opening to prevent warm air escaping behind it. From a visual perspective, an inset blind will also keep window ledges free for decorative vases or even a window seat.  Also consider an outside mounted Roman Blind. This option sits neatly over the window frame to create an extra sense of height, and it’s a great solution where the recess is too shallow for the fixings, or in an old house where the window frames are not even.


stack of beige textured fabrics

Cutting your Cloth

An important aspect to consider when ensuring your Roman Blinds operate and hang beautifully, is the precision of the measurements and detailing. This needs to be performed by an expert who understands the subtleties of the material you choose to work with, from a thick texture to a shimmering silk or fine linen. The weight of the rods and pull of the stitching, and your choice of lining, (should you include one), can affect the way the fabric hangs.

After selecting your fabric choices, your local Luxaflex® Showroom expert will come to your home to look at your window and light requirements and then precisely asses and measure your window type. Together, you can confidently choose your final design, type of fabric and how you want to operate your Roman Blind. With all these variables considered, the risk is removed from the process so when your made to measure Roman Blind is installed, it will fit perfectly in your window and operate smoothly.


Consider your fabric choices. A sheer voile can give privacy and create gentle softness in a room. A textured linen with a room-darkening lining can give a bedroom a contemporary hotel luxury look and cosy feel. A modern print with a geometric pattern and a thermal lining, will brighten and warm a draughty home office for late night working. Choose your fabric on the qualities the material offers as well as the print, colour and texture, for a seamless blend of form and function. You can mirror the colours of other fabrics and textures in your room, such as picking up the green lines of the Kalix fabric from our Elegant Living range, with a contemporary striped rug to pull the room scheme together.

Ballina front sheer fabric roman blinds by luxaflex

All in the fold

As well as the combination of fabric weight, transparency or lining, the way the Roman Blind is constructed can radically change the effect of these deceptively simple structures. The hand stitching of rods to the back of the fabric creates the look of the classic Roman Blind construction and is available in both Luxaflex® Everyday Style and Elegant Living ranges, and how most standard Roman Blinds are created.

In our premium range “Elegant Living”, there are also three unique variations on this theme. The “Ballina Front” model has the aluminium rods stitched to the face of the blind giving a very modern, crisp feel. The “Ballina Back” model features round aluminium rods sewn into the back of the blind to create a classic fabric fold. The “Segmenta” style pulls up each section of the blind completely to create a smooth, flat fold that’s ideal for large windows or creating a very sleek and unfussy feel.

patterned roman blind inside mount luxaflex

A Unique Canvas

Pattern, form, colour and light can transform the flat expanse of Roman Blind fabric into an arresting feature. Unlike some other window coverings like Silhouette® or Duette® Shades that fold away into a head rail to expose the window entirely, Roman Blinds always leave a section of the fabric fold visible. This permanent series of folds is part of the design appeal of Roman Blinds. Therefore it’s important to consider how this fixed element works in a room. A floral print on silk will create a soft edge, whereas a faux silk with a subtle sheen will add texture. Or add some drama to a room with a beautiful plain fabric with a bold pop of colour. A large window, when lowered, will act as a wall. How does this work in the rest of your scheme?

sheer luxaflex roman blind inside mount


A common complaint of old-style Roman Blinds is the flimsiness of the cords or rings that catch or wear. The innovative approach of Luxaflex® brings precision and advanced problem solving, with high quality aluminium rods, classic fabric covered headrails or stylish visible headrails. Both options create a stable and smooth experience when operating your Roman Blind.

All Luxaflex® operating options are designed with safety in mind with option like SmartCord® with a retractable, child safe mechanism, simple chain operation or the latest smart PowerView® Motorisation solution, with automated features to control your Roman Blinds from your smart phone, tablet or remote control. Raise and lower your blinds to your favourite settings – morning, noon and night for enhanced Privacy, Light Control & Security –  even when you’re not at home.

Peace of Mind

Being at home is all about feeling safe and relaxed. When you’re planning to update your window treatments and décor, we’ve taken some of those worries way from you as Luxaflex® offers a selection of fire retardant fabrics and ‘Cradle to Cradle™’ certified sustainable fabrics. So now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the fun part of designing your ideal style Roman Blind solution.

Your Local Luxaflex® Expert will guide you through all the options for your home. 

If our Buyers Guide to Roman Blinds has got you wondering about other solutions, visit our Products page to see what other ideas Luxaflex® has for your home or search for your nearest showroom


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