Wonderwalls – Making a Feature of What Surrounds You

We often start planning a room by what we want to put in it or what we want to use it for. The type of bed or sofa that we’ll recline upon, the type of china on the table. But, for a room to feel really pulled together, to feel embracing and complete, you need to get the foundations right first. And that means getting past old fashioned approaches like asking yourself; “What is a feature wall and how do I add one in?”. And at this stage, don’t rule any wall out. So here are five of the best wall decoration ideas on how to do just that.

  • Decorative flower in glass vase on shelf

    How To Use Wallpaper

    Why use wallpaper? Wallpaper is an easy way to add instant interest with huge variety in pattern and tone, so consider it far beyond the obvious location, as localised wallpaper for the living room. Small rooms can feel quirky and exciting when papered in something bold and patterned, rather than left a bland magnolia. You can even use this technique in bathrooms and kitchens with the right water resistant paper finish and correct ventilation. Try it in textured linen in plain block colours, or in graphic abstract prints in a monotone for a more directional scheme. Alternatively, this tone-on-tone small scale pattern feels pretty and fresh like a pale green paint, but registers as a more gentle backdrop.

  • Venetian blinds in modern living room

    Strip It Back

    Natural materials always bring a sense of depth and comfort to a house. You may have a home with a story to tell, such as the stone walls of a farmhouse, or even a brick wall around a chimney breast that brings a period rustic country cottage feel when cleaned up. If you don’t have these, even in the most modern house you can add in modern stone cladding finishes or wood panelling, such as recycled wooden stripped or painted boards. If you want the texture but not the hue, you can use wood wash to treat the for faded white panels, for an eco friendly industrial or Scandi chic edge.

  • Decorated mantlepiece in living room close up

    Wall Painting Ideas

    Wall painting is a quick and easy change. Living room wall décor is ideal an place to start experimenting if you want to try dark wall colours or even cool wall colours, as they lend instant on-trend sophistication. If you’ve inherited a bland design scheme, try kitchen paint colours that are more surprising, such as warm wall colours or bright wall colours with a bold and graphic blind in the same tone, like a Twist with graphic lines, to make one expanse work as a feature wall. To cool it down use a slightly lighter toned ceiling paint or a fresh white.

  • Comfy chair near venetian blinds

    Glass Room Partitions And Windows

    If you live a in a home with exceptional views and architecture and can make the most them, consider using your windows as a ‘wall’ when planning the scheme.  The view will lend one feel in the day, but at night when you close the window coverings, these will bring a more solid quality and the material you choose will influence the mood. This may work well with a wood Venetian blind that can look very strong and architectural, or if you have lots of strong light to manage during the day too, a blind like Twist can be used to control and defuse it with varying vane widths. If you have full glass retractable doors or windows, consider using with vertical blinds, as they can sit neatly pushed against the wall when the doors are open, making them unobtrusive.

  • Decorative ornaments on white shelving

    How To Display Pictures

    Finally, displaying the pictures and adornments is key. Grouping picture frames or group art in themes gives a confident and coherent effect, so choose them same shape but different finishes (such as black or wood) or in similar frame colours, like the all white frames used here. If you need ideas on how to hang art as part of an approachable home wall décor, consider choosing a theme for the images. Try favourite travels or landscapes to create visual sense out of large numbers of images. Don’t be afraid to mix paintings, sketches and even bus tickets amongst more personal photographs, everything you include should tell a story; including your walls.

For more ideas on the best wall decorating ideas, take a look at our ideas on how to use the colour of the year.


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