Getting The Raw Edge


Nothing beats the beauty of the natural world, and the best dressed modern homes bring it indoors to spectacular effect. And not just in perfectly polished parquet or sleek dining tables. The latest interior trends make the most of the unique, uneven, raw and woven textures that only the earth can provide.  It’s time to let nature take over.


Natural Appeal

Wood is the obvious place to start when looking to go au naturel. The patina of a bank of wooden blinds adds instant richness and warmth. To ensure your room looks more earthy and less like an expensive library try adding woven tapes in contrasting tones or stripes for more natural textures.


Woven & Warm

Rush matting has a beautiful irregularity to it; the diversity in thickness of the grasses can loosen up a minimal space or add some Ibizian island style. Use in tablemats or as a large, strong floor covering. It’s hardier than it looks, so is great for transitioning spaces between indoor and outdoor spaces. And when warmed in the sun, it feels wonderful underfoot.


Bathroom Bliss

The angular smoothness of a rich set of wooden ladders becomes instantly more relaxed with the addition of these raw edged linen towels. As well as providing natural airflow to dry damp fabrics, towel ladders add instant storage opportunities in small bathrooms or wet rooms that otherwise lack space.


Go With The Flow

The beauty of linen combined with the high-performance efficiency of Luxaflex Roman Blinds can deliver extra warmth to a room that feels a little stark. Choose something with a large, open weave to keep the light flowing and the warp and weft of the fabric visible.


Nature For Minimalists

Want a fresh take on flower arranging? Try a minimal version of a Victorian terrarium to brighten up a room with a graphic edge. Most succulents will perform beautifully in a glass box or oversized vase, needing little moisture to subsist. A great coffee table addition.


Feeling Edgy

If you want to keep things minimal but drive home the natural, handmade quality of your design scheme, add in some raw edge detailing. This can work in blankets, rugs and curtains and helps stop very simple designs seeming too serious or rigid.


Soft With Sleek

Raw design needs something to contrast with, otherwise, the power of the earthy touches are diluted into something that becomes all texture and no tone. By using a refined, light-diffusing blind such as Silhouette, the chunky, tactile carpet here invites you to roll around in the daylight glow. Using raw features as a highlight rather than on every surface serves to give your design that little extra bite.

For a great partner to our raw edge design ideas, take a look at our guide to using concrete in the home.







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