Kids Storage For Every Room

Storage ideas for kids that work for every room

Yellow Luxaflex blinds in kids bedroom

The secret to a happy family home is not, as any parent will tell you, a glowing hearth and homemade jam. It’s well-planned (and used) toy storage. The best kids storage ideas are rooted in the reality, easy to use and nice enough to have around. So that means a toy shelf at child height not adult, children’s storage boxes that little fingers can operate easily and, if you want to foster their love of reading, children’s book storage they can access as well as keep tidy (so no books wedged in, just ones that can be freed or returned simply). If you want them clearing up after themselves you need to get to their level in other ways too; make it friendly and playful to use. But good news, that doesn’t mean simply primary coloured plastic boxes. There are ways to kit out every room for storage sanity and style combined.


Creative toy storage ideas for the playroom 

Little girls' bedroom with pink Luxaflex blinds

Playroom storage may seem pointless, as the point of a playroom is to play with the toys in it. However, kids can only play on the floor if they can see it, and teaching them to put toys away to keep all the pieces together fosters a sense of responsibility and appreciation. Playroom storage ideas, unlike living room storage, can be more vivid in hue. Children’s storage boxes need to be very easy to open, so the one movement toy bin organizer that simply tips out is a clear winner. Here an extended window ledge doubles up as a playing surface that can be slid away when not in use; which means they don’t need pesky lids or to be stacked (which can make them hard to access). Regardless of whether you are looking for girls toy storage or boys toy storage, the principles are the same. Basic ergonomics will tell you the fewer number of actions it takes to perform a task the easier you will make it for them to get involved. And colour code the boxes if you can; green basket for farm animals, yellow for drawing materials. And a timer can work magic at the end of the day with grumpy kids; set if for two minutes and make it a game to get them to rapidly put everything away before the timer bleeps. You can even add in a column in their start chart for each victory. It’s amazing how a star chart makes a dull task a fun battle against time. 


Genius kids room ideas 

Luxaflex Plissé blind in child's bedroom

For many kids, toy storage ideas are needed for the bedroom. Kids bedroom storage extends of course to clothes and books as well as toy storage, and some nice teddy storage ideas to keep them where they can see them. Obviously the requirements change with age, but if you get the basics right you can just change the accessories and invest in the main structure. This cabin bed here would be loved by toddlers and teenagers alike, and the under bed drawers can take dolls furniture or out of season ski wear. This colourful roller blind is an easy way to add colour and warmth and can be swapped for a solid tone as they age. If floor space is tight, hanging storage is a great way to keep it clear and can be hung from picture rails or ceiling hooks (into a ceiling joist). Nursery storage is better at a level suited to adults, as you will be one reaching for wipes or bedtime picture books.  Small kids storage furniture is also a great win but they have less longevity. A trundle under a bed can be used for a train track and then later with a mattress for sleepovers.  


Storing wet toys  

Children's toys on a window ledge

Once of the hardest places to keep tidy with small children is the bathroom. Bathrooms tend to be small and the amount of bath toy storage needed disproportionate. And if you ever want a soothing childfree bath yourself, keeping the clutter at bay is essential. The trick is to keep it simple, or it won’t get used. A cupboard under a sink is only useful if you are not rustling for items or knocking over bottles. It may be worth adding a high shelf for prettier bathroom products you’re happy to look, making room for an open plastic tray or bucket (make sure you rinse any standing water before you dump them in the bath). Alternatively if you’re past the larger rubber ducky toy phase, but they still like soap crayons or boats, free hanging shower product storage designed for bottles can be adopted and hang from the towel rail, reclaiming the edges of your bath. It’s a better-looking version of the brightly coloured bath toy organiser that can be attached to the tiles with plastic suckers. For larger rooms, a secondary laundry bin is easy for tossing all kids toy storage into; choose one with an inner plastic sleeve that can me removed and rinsed for hygiene.  


When things can get messy 

Kids bedroom with white blinds by Luxaflex / Hunter Douglas

Children plus fluids of any kind, from paint to watery clay, usually results in great joy for them and great mess for you. So it needs a slightly different approach.  Preparing for mess and chaos is the best way to prevent frayed nerves.  Kitchen table homework with coloured pens or finger painting and clay, will be better at the kitchen table if you keep it covered with an oilcloth day to day. Not only is super resilient and strong, absorbing all the stray pigment and spills, it can folded up and shaken outside if the evr-pervasive glitter should be spilt. If you are minimalist rather than vintage in style, get a solid colour rather than pattern and cut just to the edges of the tabletop. Giving a sleeker look. If you have the space, a corner in a kitchen can become a play area where you can keep an eye on them whilst carrying on with your own tasks. Try these children’s bedroom storage solutions that incorporate built in toy bins that flip open for quick tidy up, meaning the relevant toys can live here permanently, as one of the classic problems with kids toys is the endless migration and return of items from room to room. 


Living rooms you can all live in  

Styling Bregje Nix white blinds by Luxaflex / Hunter Douglas

Living rooms tend to be busy spaces, and you don’t want to have to drag the coffee table out of the way for every afternoon play date; in fact, the coffee table can be the answer. That’s where anonymous baskets that can hide anything from magazines to crayons make a design blessing. Choose one with large drawers underneath for items they play with frequently or adapt one you have with some subtle fabric boxes. Although you want to consider children’s storage, you also don’t want it to take over the scheme. Toy boxes that double up with seating are a great choice for storage for toys as they can become a blanket box as the need for toys subsides (and re-commissioned once the grandchildren arrive).  If they are at the Lego stage, smaller boxes in window seating that they can pull out themselves will make it easier for them for to tidy up after themselves, and help prevent any painful injuries from standing on stray Lego – the enemy of any sleepy parent. That way you can keep your whole home happy and playful. 

Need more ideas for making kids design? See our Teenage Girls Bedroom ideas. 


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