50% off every second PowerView® automated product

50% off every second PowerView® automated product - Terms and conditions

- The promotion is accepted on all orders placed for PowerView® automated products from 18th March – 26th April 2024.

- The promotion is accepted by participating Gallery, Inspiration and Select dealers. You can find your local Gallery or Inspiration dealer via the dealer locator on the Luxaflex.co.uk website.

- Terms of the promotion are that you will purchase the first blind at full price, then receive the second product with a 50% discount. This discount will be settled directly by the Luxaflex® retailer.

- The ‘second’ product is always the cheapest product.

- The promotion is scalable i.e. if you purchase 6 PowerView® automated products, you will pay full price for 3 of them and receive 50% off the other 3. The 50% off products will always be the cheapest products.

- The promotion applies to the basic product including PowerView® automation. Separate options including PowerView® accessories such as remotes and separate parts/components are excluded.

- This promotion is not valid in combination with any other promotions.