Tilt & Turn Window Blinds

Practical & Stylish Looks for Tilt and Turn Windows

More homeowners are choosing Tilt & Turn windows as the convenient design lets in the fresh air at the top, and fully opens inwards to make cleaning easier.

Traditional window blinds get in the way of tilt & turn window operation which is why Luxaflex® has designed a complete range of blinds to perfectly fit this type of window.

You can see the full range of colours and designs at your local Luxaflex® Showroom, but here are a few ideas to inspire you..

Inspiration Gallery - Tilt and Turn Window Blinds

Luxaflex® Tilt & Turn Plisse Shades - Tilt & Turn Window Blinds

Tilt & Turn Pleated Shades

Fitting neatly into your Tilt & Turn windows and glass doors, our timeless Plisse® Shades beautifully filter light with a crisp pleated style.

Choose from hundreds of gorgeous fabrics and colours including room darkening fabrics.

Combined with our Top Down - Bottom Up control, you can get flexible light control and privacy for your Tilt & Turn windows- perfect for bedrooms or media rooms.

Luxaflex® Tilt & Turn Duette® Shades - Tilt & Turn Window Blinds

Tilt & Turn Duette® Shades

The perfect fit for Tilt & Turn windows, Duette® Shades are a great choice if energy saving is important to your home.

The unique design of Duette® Shades helps keep you warm in summer - cool in the winter - and insulated all year round, helping your energy bills too.

Our special FrameFix™ mounting option means Duette® Shades can be fitted without drilling or screwing the glass or frame of your tilt & turn windows. Choose the latest trend colours and patterns with looks for modern and traditional homes.

FrameFix™ Mounting

FrameFix™ Mounting

Your Luxaflex® retailer can install Duette® Shades to Tilt and Turn windows without drilling or screwing the glass or frame.

Tilt & Turn Duette® Shades - Tilt & Turn Window Blinds

Tilt & Turn Venetian Blinds

Our premium quality Venetian Blinds fit seamlessly into Tilt & Turn windows with a special design that precisely holds the blind in position when the window is angled open.

The large range of on-trend colours and luxuriously textured looks, transform light adding an extra design dimension to any room décor.

Simply control tilt & turn window treatments by raising or lowering the top and bottom of your blind to get the light control and privacy you need.

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Get Expert Advice

At your local Luxaflex® showroom, you'll get expert advice and inspiration on the best solution for your tilt & turn windows.

From choosing a design and colour to accurately measuring your windows and installing the finished product, your Luxaflex® retailer will ensure a perfect fit and function.

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