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Custom Made Awnings • Electric Awnings • Sun Protection • Retractable Arm • Heating & Lighting

Awnings Fabrics

Awnings for Patios

Luxaflex® Awnings are a simple and affordable way to add exterior shading to your patio with lots of exciting style choices.

Our special Awnings fabrics are treated to withstand variable UK weather conditions and are built to last with premium materials.

Enjoy a stunning choice of bold stripes, jacquards, and plain fabrics, all designed to add instant style to your patio.

All our Awnings come with a Luxaflex® guarantee for peace of mind.

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Electric Awnings
Easy to use motorised control

Electric Awnings

For ease and convenience, Luxaflex® electric awnings give your full control with the touch of a button. From simple control to advance operation, our made-to-measure electric systems are designed to meet your needs for convenience, practicality, and comfort.

To make sure your awning offers the correct amount of shade for your patio size, your local Luxaflex ® retailer will do a full technical assessment of your home and windows to ensure your shading needs are met with your new awning.

Electric Awnings
Retractable Awnings
Convenient and easy to use

Is a Retractable Awnings Worth it?

When investing in your home there will always be the question “Is this going to be worth the money?" A retractable awning for your patio or garden offers many advantages you might not have considered;

  • Expanding the size of your outdoor living space
  • Providing shade and protection from showers
  • Automatic motorised control for convenience
  • Built-in lighting and heating options for extra comfort
  • Keep the heat out - a retractable systems naturally helps to cool your home
  • Measured and installed by experts for a perfect fit and function
  • Peace of mind warranty.

Made to Measure Luxaflex® Awnings

Do You Need Planning Permission For Garden Awnings?

It’s unlikely you’ll need planning permission for a home awning as in the main, awnings or canopies fall within the “permitted development” allowance every home is allowed. The allowance is 50% of the total original footprint of the building. However, if your home is listed or in a conservation area, you may need permission regardless.

Your local Luxaflex® dealer can give you advice or you can contact your local planning office to check.

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Awnings fabric
Durable fabrics

Do Awnings Protect From Rain?

Awnings and canopies can offer protection from light showers and drizzle by directing it away from the house or sidings around your windows and doors.

In addition to keeping you comfortable whatever the weather, our exclusive Awning fabric technology protects the fabric colour so it won’t rot or fade, and it blocks harmful UV rays.

Luxaflex® retailers offer expert advice on what to consider when choosing an awning so you can enjoy stress-free alfresco living.

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Awnings Models

Awning Models

Base Plus Awnings

Easy to install and even easier to use, our bestselling Awning sits neatly in a sleek and stylish cassette when closed but when retracted offers the perfect weather protection.

Base Lite Awnings
The little sister of our Base Plus, this compact solution is ideal for smaller patio awnings without compromising on style or shading cover.

Armony Awnings

Our premium Italian design, available up to 12 metres wide, the Armony Awning offers smooth, sleek operation and style on the grandest of scales.

Zenith Awnings

Simple and refined, this awning shade is a contemporary solution with a stylish cassette design to neatly fold the Awning away.

Gennius Awnings

Using the structure and elegance of a traditional pergola but the ingenuity of a retractable shade, match with wood or aluminium to suit your style.

Choose a style that suits you

Awning Models

From protecting small balconies and plants to expansive styles that offer poolside protection, we can help you find the exact Awning to fit your requirements. The range includes sleek modern styles to models for extra-large patios and traditional looks too. Whatever your patio size, design requirement, or budget, you'll find a perfect awning in our range.

Awnings with heating and lighting
Extend your day & night

Awnings with Heating & Lighting

Why end the fun early?

Spotlights can be fitted into arms or as an integrated lightbox in your awning for functional or mood lighting effects. The convenience of lighting extends your day into the late evening making your patio a truly useful outdoor living room.

And for extra comfort and cosiness, add an all-weather heater that extends the season to spring, summer, autumn, and maybe even winter.

For the extra wow factor and fun, you call also add an all-weather music system to your awning to create the vibe you want!

Awnings with Sun & Wind Sensors
Awnings with intelligent weather technology

Sun & Wind Sensors

By adding a sun and a wind sensor to your motorised awning means you can instantly activate your awning when it registers the sun’s rays, and retract when the winds seem too high.

Convenient and practical, the sun sensor will automatically open the awning when the sun shines to provide much-needed shading for your patio.

And when it starts to get windy, don't worry as the wind sensor will close the awning automatically protecting it from wind damage.

Extra large patio awnings
Premium quality and style

Enjoy the Benefits of Awnings

Our complete service from survey to advice to professional fitting ensures you can enjoy your new awning for many years to come.

  • Stress-free measuring and installation
  • Premium quality and design
  • Motorised and manual control
  • Integrated heating and lighting
  • Automatic wind & sun sensors
  • Block harmful UV rays
  • Temperatures control
  • Models for every patio size
  • Luxaflex® awning guarantee.

The Luxaflex® Guarantee

The Luxaflex® Awning Guarantee

At Luxaflex® we pride ourselves on ensuring all of our products give you peace of mind as well as pleasure. Our on-site visits from our highly experienced dealers will ensure the perfect awning design for your property, with up to a ten-year guarantee.

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