Living Room Blinds

Ideas & tips for your living room blinds

When you're choosing living room window treatments, it helps to think about how you use the room.

Is the living room a chill-out space or TV room? Is light control, privacy, or energy efficiency a concern? Do you have (or want) smart home products?

Whatever your needs, your local Luxaflex® retailer will help you choose the best solution for your home, but here are a few ideas to get you started...

Living Room Blinds

Living Room Blinds

Be Inspired!

Looks for every Living Room Window Style

From the standard living room window or patio doors to bay, skylight & Tilt & Turn designs, Luxaflex® made to measure window treatments are not only big on style but offer practical features to manage the light and enhance your living room privacy.

Plus our innovative operating options feature smart home controls that are safe for children and pets.

Inspiration Gallery

Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shades for Living Rooms - Living Room Blinds

Living Room Shades - Soft Fabric Style

New Pirouette® Shades will change how you enjoy the light in your living room with a unique fabric design that beautifully filters light.

Create the right level of light in your living room with convenient smart home control that lets you operate your Pirouette® Shades from your smart device or the sound of your voice.

Instantly adjust the vanes for maximum view-through, contour for light control, or close flat for complete living room privacy.

See this exclusive shade at your local Luxaflex® showroom.

Luxaflex® Living Room Venetian Blinds - Living Room Blinds

Living Room Classic - Stylish Venetian Blinds

A great choice for your living room, modern Luxaflex® Venetian Blinds with our ultimate smart home control to adjust your blinds as your needs change through the day - even when you're not at home.

If your living room has a mix of extra-large windows, patio sliding doors, or even tilt and turn windows, our Venetian Blinds will fit perfectly, offering a distinctly contemporary style throughout your home.

Luxaflex® Living Room Duette® Shades - Living Room Blinds

Living Room Energy Efficiency - Duette® Shades

If energy efficiency is a top priority for your living room and home, then our Duette® Shades are the ideal window blind.

The unique design adds a layer of insulation at the window to help reduce your energy consumption and keep your home cooler in summer - warmer in winter - and comfortable all year long. Sustainable and beautiful.

Learn more about all the features of Duette® Shades on our product page.

Luxaflex® Living Room Roller Blinds Luxaflex® Living Room Roller Blinds

Sleek Living Room Style - Roller Blinds

Even on cloudy days, UV rays can fade and damage furnishing and flooring in your living room.

Our solar shade Roller Blinds are specially designed for added UV protection for your home and come in a huge range of fabric styles, so you'll be spoilt for choice. Our exclusive patterns and colours will make your Roller Blinds a focal point in your living room.

Decorative Linen Tapes - Luxaflex® Living Room Wood Blinds

Add Warmth to Living Rooms with Rich Wood Blinds

If you favour natural materials, made-to-measure Luxaflex® Wood Blinds are a great choice for living rooms as they complement practically any décor, from traditional to modern.

From natural FSC certified hardwoods from sustainable forests to durable faux wood styles, your living room and window blinds will ooze warmth and sophistication.

Living Room shutters Living Room shutters

Shutter Blinds

Like your favourite furniture, custom-made Luxaflex® Shutters offer timeless beauty and look just as good from the outside, as they do from the inside of your home.

Choose from a handcrafted range of shutter models to manage your privacy, light, or style preferences. From FSC certified real wood to water-resistant options, there's a look that's perfect for your living décor.

Smart Home Control - PowerView® Automation Smart Home Control - PowerView® Automation

Smart Home Living - PowerView® Automation

Our smart home PowerView® Automation system lets you schedule your Luxaflex® blinds to open, close, or adjust on their own - at any time of the day - all with the touch of a button, a tap on a mobile device, or the sound of your voice.

And best of all, PowerView® is compatible with leading smart home systems in including Nest, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and more...

Luxaflex® Outdoor Awnings Luxaflex® Outdoor Awnings

Protect your Living Room from Ultraviolet Rays

UV light can fade and discolour almost anything in your home including your living room floors, furniture, artwork, and soft furnishings like cushions and rugs.

You can keep this from happening with a combination of interior blinds and exterior awnings. Adding a custom-made Luxaflex ® Awning can block between 90% and 99% of UV rays entering your home, offering superb protection. Your local Luxaflex® dealer can show you all the options.

Get Free Advice for Your Living Room Blinds or Shutters

When investing in your home, expert advice can really help you make the right choice for the long term. Talk to your local Luxaflex® retailer who will guide you through the full range of blinds, shutters, and awnings that will work best for your living room style and needs.

Get expert advice at your local Luxaflex® showroom Get expert advice at your local Luxaflex® showroom

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