Dining room blinds

What's best for your dining room?

Sharing meals together can be challenging with busy agendas and nowadays with home working, our dining tables (and rooms) have become a valuable multipurpose space that everyone can use.

When thinking about window treatments it's worth investing the time and getting advice on what's best for how you use your dining room. With our range of luxurious, custom-made dining room blinds you can create a look that's as individual as your home and style with practical features for light control and privacy.

And with the personal service of our expert retailers, you'll enjoy a stress-free experience to get the very best solution for your home.

Duette® Shades with Top Down - Bottom Up

What's best for flexible light and privacy control?

Most window blinds rise up from the bottom of the window letting the light in but can also expose your home to passers-by or neighbours looking in.

But don’t worry as our Duette® Top-down -Bottom-up Shades can meet all your privacy needs while still giving you access to natural light.

The clever Top-Down Bottom-Up design lets you open your blind from the top, the bottom, or anywhere in between to give you the best of both worlds. This means you can preserve your home's privacy and natural light, whilst stopping unwanted views into your home.

Duette® dining room blinds will beautifully filter the light and glare ( perfect for home working) and they will insulate your home all year round. Discover more.

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Dining room blinds

Are wood blinds durable?

If your dining area is part of your kitchen space, Faux wood blinds are a great option as they combine practicality, durability, and good looks.

Why choose? Faux wood is a tough man-made material that's designed to be used in humid environments, which makes them the ideal solution for kitchen - diners, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

The sleek and solid design of our Faux Wood Blinds reduces the risk of warping, cracking, or discolouring. Enjoy the look of wood with all the benefits of easy-to-clean modern materials.

Sonnette™ Shades Sonnette™ Shades

Do fabric blinds fit big windows or patio doors?

We all love the luxury of large glass openings or patio doors letting in all that light, but sometimes the sun or glare is too much, or the glass can feel cold and lack privacy.

The beauty of choosing made-to-measure dining room blinds is you'll get exactly the right solution to fit your windows and doors perfectly.

From extra tall to extra wide patio doors, we offer beautiful fabric styles like our exclusive Pirouette® Shades, Silhouette® Shades, and Sonnette™ Shades. With contoured fabrics and a unique aesthetic, your new blinds will make and stunning style statement in your home.

Along with superb features for light control, privacy, and room-darkening, your dining room will be a joy to live in.

Luxaflex® PowerView® Automation Luxaflex® PowerView® Automation

Can my blinds be motorised?

Absolutely! Our PowerView® Automation is an easy-to-use system that instantly raises, lowers, or adjusts all your Luxaflex® blinds using your smartphone, tablet, or remote control.

For voice command, PowerView® can be connected to your home's voice assistant using Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. There are lots of benefits with smart home motorised blinds;

  • Easy to operate multiple blinds
  • Works for almost every window and door shape and size
  • App control, Remote control, and voice control
  • Connects with leading smart home systems
  • Enhanced privacy & security
  • Inherently child safe
  • Improves your homes energy efficiency
  • Protects your furnishing from UV rays
  • No wiring required

Ask for a free demonstration at your local Luxaflex® retailer.

Expert Luxaflex® Retailers Expert Luxaflex® Retailers

Where to buy Luxaflex® Window Treatments?

When investing in your home it always pays to get expert advice.

That's why Luxaflex® products are sold through specialist retailers with years of experience and knowledge of our products. They will guide you to the right options for your home and lifestyle, making choosing your new blinds or shutters a stress-free experience.

From dining room blinds to room darkening for bedrooms, to shade for a sunny room your local retailer will take care of all the details.

Book a free consultation today with no obligation.