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Think smart home technology is just for tech and gadget super fans? Think again! In this blog we’re showing you how smart devices can simplify and add convenience to your everyday routines.

With over 2.22 million smart homes in the UK, the chances are you already have a number of smart devices in your home and are using them all the time, we’re talking about smart TVs, smartphones and smart speakers. There is so much more these types of devices are able to do that you might not know about.

Imagine being able to control elements in your home such as lighting, your coffee machine and your blinds, all from the swipe of an app or by using voice control. Well, you can and the best part they have never been easier to use, you don’t have to be an expert or know about the latest tech trends to navigate the devices, and lots of the new devices you can purchase won’t involve trailing ugly wires all around the home.

Roller Blinds

Clever smart home products for the home

We’ve rounded up some of the most useful tech products to help you convert your home to a smart home, those that will help to simplify your life and they might even save you money on your energy bills too.

Video doorbells

Let’s start at the front of your home. We all know how annoying it can be when you’re not home to receive a parcel or want to know who’s at the door, that’s where video doorbells can come in handy with real-time view via an app. Designed for self-installation, the doorbells are easy to install, especially if you are upgrading from a wired doorbell.

This type of technology is also good if you have limited mobility, allowing you to communicate with the person at the door, giving you more time to answer or pass on instructions.

Video doorbells can aid in making your home safer too, as the sight of a camera can help to deter thieves.

Smart thermostat

If you’re looking for more control over heating flow in your home and need more options than your traditional boiler can offer, a smart thermostat could be just what you need.

Smart thermostats can be operated from your phone and allow you to create automated schedules so your heating only comes on at predefined times, for example when the temperature in a room gets below a certain level. Some of the systems are also compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, allowing for instant voice commands.

Some other intelligent features include geofencing, which will use your phone’s location and understand when you're away from and don't need the heating on, and products such as the Google Nest are constantly understanding behaviours too and will adjust the temperature alongside your daily routine.

Smart watering

You’ll never forget to water your outdoor plants and lawn again with a wi-fi enabled sprinkler system. Devices like this allow you to schedule the sprinklers to come on at a time to suit you - you’ll make your neighbours green with envy at the sight of your luscious looking lawn.

Not only are products like this good for your wallet, as you’re only using the amount of water you need, some of the sprinkler products available even come with weather algorithms adapting the schedule - that’s smart working!

Automatic blinds

Control your blinds from anywhere! You can make that happen with our exclusive electric blinds’ technology, PowerView® Automation, available on most window coverings in our product range.

From scheduling your blinds to rise at the same time your morning alarm goes off (no more hitting snooze!), to a daily plan that lowers the blinds in your children’s room as you start the evening wind-down routine. With our easy-to-use app, PowerView® Automation allows you to create multiple commands varying by room and at different times of the day – all controlled via your smartphone or tablet.

Let’s say you want your blinds to lower as the afternoon sun streams into your home office, you can set up a new schedule that will work only on the days you’re working from home, the app also allows you to make instant changes too.

But, what if you’re away from home and you want to change your pre-set schedule – RemoteConnect® technology via our new and improved app allows you to do just that. Simply log into the app and make the changes needed to raise or lower your blinds.

The beauty of smart home devices is that they can also work in partnership with each other. Would you like your blinds to automatically lower as the sun sets and when your heating comes on in the evening? PowerView® Automation paired with other smart devices can make it possible and in this example you’re helping to save on energy costs too by retaining heat in the room.

You don’t have to be a gadget whizz to use this technology, we’ve developed a new app that’s really simple to use and will enhance the tasks you perform at home every day. You can also use the app, voice control or the Pebble® remote control interchangeably for instant operation.

Luxaflex® Showroom Luxaflex® Showroom

Expert advice and installation

From your initial consultation in a Luxaflex® showroom, through to the measure and installation - our expert dealers take care of it all.

Don’t worry about the technical details, including the connection and installation side of things when it comes to your motorised blinds, our specialists will talk you through all the available motorised options and work out what’s best for your home.

And, when it comes to fitting the blinds they will get your blinds all set up on the app, plan your room schedules with you and help to pair your blinds with your other smart home devices if you need it.

Pebble® remote control Pebble® remote control

Benefits of PowerView® Automation

  • Control light throughout your home
  • Easy-to-use app that you can use outside the home
  • Pair with other smart home devices
  • Energy saving benefits
  • Quiet motor operation
  • Wireless operation and uses little power
  • Remote specialist dealer support

PowerView® Automation is compatible with most common smart home systems including Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit. Your local Luxaflex® specialist can talk you through all of the compatibility options.

Visit your local Luxaflex® retailer to see how PowerView® Automation could work in your home, get expert advice and inspiration too.