Patterned Roller Blinds

Don't play safe - choose patterns!

When it comes to choosing new window treatments consider using a patterned roller blind as a new focal point for your room.

Opting for a pattern can feel risky especially if you have been used to plains colours in your window, but the right use of pattern can really transform windows and work brilliantly with new accessories like plain velvet cushions to tie the scheme together.

From subtle florals to bolder modern looks, you'll find exciting patterns and colours in the Luxaflex® range so we hope you enjoy our tips and inspiration for using patterned roller blinds!

Patterned Roller Blinds

Where to use patterned roller blinds?

The slimline design of roller blinds means they are a great choice for virtually any room of your home or office.

When choosing a patterned roller blind, first consider how you use the room, for example, do you need a room darkening roller blind in the bedroom or media room?

For bathrooms or kitchens, durable fabric with Luxaflex® StainStop® is a great choice as it protects your blinds from common household stains and keeps them looking new for longer.

To add interest to the window that's both subtle and playful, delicate floral roller blinds look great as they add a real style feature without overwhelming this white modern kitchen. Plus, this look really softens the extra tall windows.

Patterned Roller Blinds

Bold & Modern

If you live in a modern home with a minimal aesthetic, you can really play up your large windows with a boldly patterned roller blind!

Modern design is all about the clever use of colour and design in an eye-catching way like this contemporary take a nature-inspired roller blind pattern. The black, grey, and white blind leaf design beautifully complements the neutral interior bringing a feeling of the outside inside.

And with PowerView® Automation, you can quickly adjust your roller blinds to extra privacy or glare control - especially handy when watching TV.

Patterned Roller Blinds

Blue & White

Dark blues are real trend colours and kook really dramatic especially on the walls in this dining room.

Contrasting the moody look, subtle white patterned roller blinds keep the look light and bright drawing your eye towards the window, whilst softly filtering the light and preserving your privacy.

Mixing textures and colours in the bookshelves balance the palette perfectly.

Patterned Roller Blinds

Bedroom Bliss

Room darkening fabrics for bedrooms are anything but boring!

We love the contrasting colours in this leaf-inspired patterned roller blind. It’s a fun way to liven up your bedroom decor with a fresh design and of course, all the practical benefits that room darkening brings.

Painting the walls and coordinating the bedding in the same tones creates a really contemporary design scheme for this bedroom.

And, best of all, with a handy PowerView® remote control, you don't need to get out of bed to open, close, or adjust your blinds!

Patterned roller Blinds

Eclectic Mix & Match With Patterned Roller Blinds

In this stylish property, the homeowner faced a few challenges.

  • How to get a window blind to fit period windows with details that don't always match up or are not even? (unlike new windows)
  • Making sure the glare through the large window was manged
  • Ensuring privacy was addressed from adjoining homes
  • Achieving a look that would work with the eclectic furnishing and classic architectural feature of the room.

Starting with a colour palette of soft pink, white and mauve, custom made roller blinds were chosen and each window was measured precisely to ensure a perfect fit and function.

By combining a delicate pattern and a plain colour roller blind in the same bay window, created a central feature for the room but didn't overwhelm the feeling of openness and space.

Mixing and matching patterns and plain colours can be very effective if you are not quite ready for all-out patterns in your windows.

And practical roller blinds offer lots of advantages for light control and privacy as with smart home control you can quickly adjust your blinds as your needs change.

Natural Elements

Do you love nature-inspired elements in your design?

Patterned roller blinds with floral pattern is a great choice as they create a calming backdrop in a room and make your windows a real feature of your natural aesthetic.

Connecting your home to the outside world with a soothing tone-on-tone colour palette, nature-inspired roller blinds can add a special quality to a room.

Patterned Roller Blinds Patterned Roller Blinds


Still not sure how a patterned roller blind will fit in your home?

Or maybe you need more inspiration and advice for your window or room décor?

No problem, our friendly local retailers are here to help!

Just book a free consultation at your Luxaflex® retailer who can show you our gorgeous, patterned fabrics and finishes to get you started on the perfect look for your home and style.