5 Reasons To Use Top Down, Bottom Up Blinds

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Do you live on a street where your windows are overlooked? Do you require privacy at the lower half of your window but still need the light within the room? Well, top down bottom up blinds may well be just the answer you’re looking for.

1) The Ultimate in Versatility

What are they and why are they different? Most window blinds rise up from the bottom of the window letting the light in but also leave your window open for passers by to look in. Top down bottom up blinds by contrast can be opened from the bottom, conventionally, OR from the top – to meet all your privacy needs while still giving you access to natural light.

Metal Venetian blinds with top down bottom up capabilities are the ultimate in versatility. Perfect for this kitchen area to provide privacy yet lets the light in.

Venetian Blinds Venetian Blinds

2: Position the Blind However You Choose

Preserve your homes privacy and natural light, whilst stopping unwanted views into your home. This versatile blind lets you position the fabric anyway you choose, giving you privacy at the bottom of the window and light through the top or anywhere in between. The image below shows a Duette® Shade in a soft blue tone combining colour and practicality on one.

Plissé Shades Plissé Shades

3) Tilt & Turn Windows

Traditional window blinds get in the way of tilt & turn window operation which is why Luxaflex® has designed a complete range of blinds to perfectly fit this type of window. Our Duette® Shades with Top Down Bottom Up control will stay in position whether you open or tilt the window. See our full range of Tilt and Turn blinds.

Child room window covering Child room window covering

4) Safe for Your Children

At Luxaflex® we consider child safety a top priority. Making products safer for homes with infants and young children is an integral part of our design philosophy. This Plissé® Shade eliminates dangling control cords that can be a temptation for little, inquisitive fingers. All our products feature child safe controls.

5 Reasons To Use Top Down, Bottom Up Blinds - 5 Reasons To Use Top Down, Bottom Up Blinds

5) Smart Home Convivence

Luxaflex ® Top Down - Bottom Up blinds also come with our smart home PowerView® Automation so you can enhance your home's privacy instantly, moving your shades to the exact position you want. Using a smart device, remote control or your home voice assistant, it's safe , easy and convenient.

Your local Luxaflex ® retailer can show you all the options for Top Down - Bottom blinds to get the right solution for your home.