Maximise your home’s kerb appeal

  • Feb. 20, 2024
  • Oliver Williams
  • Tips

How’s your home looking from the outside? Get the low-down on all things related to your home's kerb appeal.

Kerb appeal. We’ve all heard of it. We all want it.

In this blog we explore ways to improve your home’s exterior; whether it’s through landscape gardening, facades on the building or, of course, window treatments.

On top of that we’ll be answering all your burning questions on kerb appeal.

What is kerb appeal?

It’s all about first impressions and how your home looks from the outside.

It might be that you’re looking to sell your home and wanting to impress potential buyers or you’re simply trying to keep up with the Joneses (don’t worry, aren’t we all?), whatever it is, first impressions count!

How do you up the kerb appeal ante?

There’s hundreds of different routes you can take on upping your home’s kerb appeal but if you’re asking for our favourites, look no further…

Light it up

Outdoor lighting isn’t a necessity but goes a long way when it comes to improving the vibe of your home. While it may not add anything practically, the gentle glow of some outdoor wall lights gives your home a welcoming vibe to both neigbours and visitors.

Paint job

We know it’s hard to keep on top of jobs around the house and tired looking gutters, downpipes and fascias often fall to the bottom of the list. How about giving them a lick of paint to boost your home’s exterior.

We’re loving the trend of black and anthracite features which can be accomplished in no time when professionally sprayed.

Shimmer and shine

A good bit of elbow grease will go a long way when it comes to kerb appeal. Sticky finger prints on windows are a no, no. Ensure wheelie bins and anything that needs to stay out is neatly stacked away.

Landscape loving

A tidy lawn, a tidy mind. We know that’s not quite as catchy but it still works and it’s true.

Spend some time trimming your hedges and neatening your lawns to give your front garden that manicured look. If you’ve got some spare budget how about getting a landscape designer involved to create something that complements your home to a tee.

It’s the climb

We’re suckers for a bit (ok, a lot) of greenery when it comes to the exterior of our homes, particularly climbing plants (swoon).

Plants like wisteria or a rambling rose will definitely create a wow factor and brighten up your walls while creating a talking point. If you like a bit more order, what about some symmetrical pots for either side of your door or some neat bushes to line your driveway or path?

Let's head indoors

While all these points will definitely help your home become the envy of your neighbours, you can also think about making some changes from the inside that are visible from the outside.

Consider how your interior decor choices will look to passers by, starting with your window treatments…

We understand having the same treatment in all windows can be expensive and sometimes unrealistic - choosing colours that are neutral and timeless will still ensure a neat and uniform look from the outside.

Our Duette® shades and Plissé shades’ pleated design creates a super tidy look when they open, giving your home a simple and elegant look from the outside. Ensure window sills and surrounding areas are uncluttered to enhance the neat finish.

For gardens and outdoor living spaces, consider an awning or pergola. Not only will these elements increase your home’s value they incorporate another living space to your home while looking fabulous doing so.

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Top 10 tips to maximise your home’s exterior…

  1. Brighten the outside with some exterior lighting
  2. Lift tired looking doors, fences and fascias with a lick of paint
  3. Clear your driveway and paths with a quick jet wash
  4. Maintain your garden and plants, especially in winter
  5. Doorstep decor, we’re talking pots, plants and even door wreaths
  6. Ensure your roof is in good condition with no maintenance issues
  7. Open blinds and shades and stick to neutral, timeless colours
  8. Move your wheelie bins - out of sight, out of mind
  9. Make time to keep your windows clean, from the inside as well as out
  10. Invest in some storage if you’re having to keep outdoor equipment on show

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