Metal Focus: Copper Home Décor

Take a look around any modern restaurant, hotel or design magazine and one thing becomes perfectly clear – the minimal, industrial aesthetic is going nowhere. Designers like Tom Dixon have spearheaded a copper home décor trend, adding fun new dimensions to most rooms with quirky, eye-popping fixtures and statement furniture.

Now, wherever exposed brick walls and distressed woods go alongside must-have metals, warmer shades like rose gold and copper win out. Gold can be a bit ‘much’ and silver is often cold, but deep burnt orange tones strike the balance between stylish and comfy.

From kitchen to dining room via the bedroom, copper home décor and accessories add personality – but be wary. Too much metal can depersonalise a space, not enough and you won’t make a statement. With our help, you can fill your home with copper homeware that’s continually cool, never clinical…

  • copper jugs

    Copper Hardware

    When shopping around, think of reflective metallics set against neutral hues – accenting a space in the same way sparkly jewels set off a great outfit. An airy kitchen with white painted woods is easily accessorised with copper kitchen utensils (think heavy pots and pans hung above the breakfast bar – decorative and space-saving), or a statement copper kitchen worktop that will only become more tarnished and loveable with ongoing use. One piece could be all you need to create the look.

    It’s all about adding shimmer to an otherwise toned down space – consider your home and try to envision where metals would grab attention. A vintage, copper roll top bath snagged from the local antiques shop will shine in front of pale wallpaper, perhaps an idea borne from those overlooked from copper bathroom taps that are a great salvage find to add instant character. Consider adding ornate metal handles to well-worn cupboards, or making a feature of the copper farmhouse sink hidden away in the utility room. And here’s a bonus: copper is biostatic, which means it stops the growth of bacteria.

  • All in Your Tone

    If your budget limits you to purchasing splendid bric-a-brac, don’t worry – well-chosen pieces can be more than enough to do the job. High street shops reflecting the trend are fit to bursting with interesting metallic homeware, so you’re bound to find something you fall in love with (or an affordable fling). In a living area, it might be as simple as fitting a dull copper light switch in place of a tired plastic one, or hanging a large copper framed mirror above the mantelpiece, flanked by flower vases, trinkets and photographs. Be careful not to overdo it – you don’t want your home to resemble a disjointed car boot sale.

    Your choice of wall colour is crucial here, too – dark blues and greys look fantastic as a backdrop to statement metal furniture in dining rooms (picture a copper drum lamp shade set against royal blue, or a copper flower vase overflowing with tall green plant fronds). Then, there are brushed plaques and pressed tiles to consider. If your heart’s set on a copper themed bedroom, that’s even easier – white or cream bedsheets and painted white wooden floors let carefully-chosen accessories, such as a copper fabric cushion, dazzle. Place two or three angular bronze terrariums on a white shelf next to a stack of books, or make a feature of a giant, brushed metal light fixture hanging above the bed.

  • pile of opulent fabrics

    Copper Home Accents

    Still struggling to know where to start? Start small with copper table accents (full of depth and warmth for autumn and the festive season) like beaded dishes, cutlery or napkin rings, or even trims on napkins themselves. Try placing a copper fruit bowl in the middle of the table (filled with gloriously colourful oranges, for example) or serve the turkey in a giant, hammered copper bowl this year – everyone loves a bit of theatre now and again.

    The kitchen is the easiest place to add small accents – something as simple as a copper backsplash can refresh and update a kitchen cabinet (delicate copper drawer pulls work well here, too), or you might fancy splashing out on a food mixer that’s far too pretty to hide away in the cupboard. It’s a nice idea to hang a small copper makeup mirror by the door, so you can check your makeup with ease on the way out of the door.

  • copper standing lamp

    Copper & Light

    Copper shines brightest with just the right lighting, controlled with lamps or window coverings. If you don’t have time to hunt down accessories for your room, set the scene with copper blinds – just beautiful layered under thick curtains in warming colourways. Luxaflex copper Venetian blinds are the perfect choice here – being easy to control and extremely versatile in design, they only allow as much light in as you’d like. Position your accessories right and they should shine when the sun filters through. Come evening, bathing a particular area in golden light can create charm, perhaps turning a dark living room corner into a cosy reading nook for story time with the children. A copper wall sconce is perfect for this – directing light wherever you need it whilst the metals hue will create a soft and enticing tone to the light. If you don’t want to risk the room becoming too shiny, browse some smaller copper light fixtures that can subtly nod to the trend without overwhelming a room. An overhead pendant kitchen light or standalone floor lamp might be all you need to make your room sparkle.

Inspired by our copper home décor ideas? You might enjoy our pick of Scandinavian interior design ideas.


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