How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Blinds

Choosing bathroom blinds can be a slippery issue. Blinds for bathrooms need to cover condensation, light control and, of course, your modesty.

Here we run through a few ways to choose the perfect bathroom blinds…

Minimalist Bathroom with Blinds

Make sure they’re up to the job…

Whether a personal haven for one or a busy family thoroughfare, bathrooms experience a lot of usage. To keep them low maintenance, window coverings need to be moisture resistant, mould resistant or, even better, waterproof. If they can also be discreet and save you money, all the better. Treated wood, metal and plastic are clearly waterproof but it is also possible to have waterproof blinds made from fabric. (Look for a special coating such as Dustblock®.) A large or grand room can sometimes need a bathroom window treatment that has a more luxurious feel, such as a large scale blind in a sheer material or with a hint of shimmer in the fabric. In such a room using a curtain in combination with wooden blinds can add a softness and give a visual relief from all of the hard surfaces and lines you typically find. 

Nobody likes a chilly bathroom…

So anything that can lock in heat on winter morning is a great choice. Energy-saving blinds prevent the up-to 50% of the heat that can be lost through your windows (even with double glazing). Lots of window coverings can help keep you toasty, so check that they also can offer thermal gain management features (find out more about energy saving Duette®  Shades here).

Let the light in…

Modern White Bathroom

A window can stop a small bathroom from feeling claustrophobic. Adding in a skylight can be ideal (but if it’s a ground floor, it can still be overlooked). Don’t rule out adding a new window even if the space is difficult or unusual; it’s possible to get blinds for bathrooms that are specially shaped that move and tilt to accommodate awkward window frame shapes.

The naked truth

Managing privacy is clearly important in a bathroom. It’s crucial to consider blinds that cover a window without blocking out too much light, such as those made of different opacity. Roller blinds are a great option for saving space (and can be very cost effective), but also consider solutions such as top down-bottom up blinds so you can make the most of any available light and keep private (or see the stars from the tub at night).

Venetian blinds

Bathroom venetian blinds can offer a great solution as they can be made in a whole range of window treatments, such as waterproof or able to angle for privacy in wood or metal. Faux wood blinds are very durable in these spaces and the blades can come in various sizes as do the tapes. Small blades give lots of privacy even when open but larger blades can seem contemporary and allow a lot of visibility when you want to let the world in. Try using contrasting tapes such as blue on yellow for a modern ‘colour pop’ to break up the white that dominates most bathroom schemes.

Think big 

Vertical blinds for the bathroom can be the perfect fit for a large or floor to ceiling window. The tilting mechanism means they can be moved as the sunlight changes position during the day. Choose a floral, geometric or shimmering pattern or finish to create a large, decorative canvas when closed.

Add some ritual to bathing 

Bathroom shutters can bring some classical glamour to proceedings. White can be very bright and evoke seaside freshness, whilst wooden blinds can add a Scandinavian sauna feel. For very steamy rooms consider a faux wooden version which are more durable and easy to maintain.

And don’t forget… 

The smallest room in the house may also need some attention. A toilet or small bathroom for guests can also benefit from the introduction of shades (a better solution to curtains where space is limited). Brightly patterned roller blinds such as a cheery classic stripe, can add some visual interest as well as their obvious practical benefits. Something to think about when you’re taking that shower…

For more ideas on your bathroom check out our range of blinds and shades.


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