Beautiful & Creative Christmas Decorations To Inspire This Festive Season

Christmas decorations are not easy to perfect. Everyone’s concept of what they should be is very personal, whether you’re breaking with tradition and avoiding traditional Christmas colour themes or every year dust off the Christmas baubles your grandmother had. The only rule when decorating at Christmas is that it works for you, and that your home décor feels magical and festive. But if you’re looking for a little inspiration for adding some new traditions to your existing ones, read our seven handy helpers on how to decorate for Christmas with flair.

Beautiful & Creative Christmas Decorations To Inspire This Festive Season

1. Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

DIY Christmas decorations, such as children crafted homemade ornaments are a lovely addition to your display. If you want to get all of your family involved try easy decorations to make such as traditional paper chains; make a memory from the process by lighting the fire and putting on the carols whilst you work on them.

If you do have children (or can borrow some nieces and nephews) handmade decorations for the tree or personalised decorations make great sentimental prompts as they are unpacked each year reminding you of their younger selves.

Try getting plain glass baubles and some glass paint pens for decorating, and even the most art-challenged can make an impressive bauble by dipping in glue then rolling or sprinkling over glitter.

Beautiful & Creative Christmas Decorations To Inspire This Festive Season Beautiful & Creative Christmas Decorations To Inspire This Festive Season

2. Traditional Christmas Decorations

No matter how minimal your usual design style, the pull of frosty window decorations with a glowing light behind never loses its appeal. Festive window dressing ideas should incorporate glowing light.

Try hanging tree decorations such as flat wooden stars or homemade gingerbread biscuits on cotton at different heights, with a gauzy window covering such Silhouette® shades that will give you privacy but let your festive tree lights shimmer through.

For those looking for ideas on how to decorate the hall for Christmas, another classic way to welcome friends and family into the fold, wrap fresh garlands of fresh greenery up your stairs for that festive pine smell as they enter.

No stairs? Try weaving fragrant herbs into your flower arrangements, or using incense instead of candles for a rich, spicy room scent. For added traditional twinkle, add in some Christmas tree decorations or tree toppers into your door wreath.

3. Vintage Cool Christmas

Lovers of the quirky retro Christmas style, can get the old-fashioned look through vintage glass ornaments or wooden vintage decorations such as nutcrackers and paper garlands.

If you don’t want to go into overdrive, add in some antique ornaments to your tree or gather pinecones, small bells and tartan ribbons into a beautiful festive centrepiece for your table.

Auction sites, car boot sales and charity shops can be a great place to start your hunt, but also using ends of wrapping paper to make chains for the mantle or cutting out snow flake shapes from newspaper can add some classic vintage chic instantly.

Beautiful & Creative Christmas Decorations To Inspire This Festive Season Beautiful & Creative Christmas Decorations To Inspire This Festive Season

4. Sustainable

By their very nature, many Christmas ornaments or crafts make for sustainable decorations as they tend to be kept and reused rather than thrown away.

If you want to add to your collection eco-consciously with ethical decorations avoid plastic and processed and look for paper and cardboard, string with dried red chillies or use ice sugar and branches, twigs and felt birds.

Nuts and dried berries in an outsized bowl make a delicious earthy, Scandi-feel centrepiece. Candle light also makes a pretty alternative to plastic fairy lights. And the tree? Make sure you buy it live and re-pot it in the garden.

5. Recycled

What makes recycled Christmas decorations? Everything that had another life: almost anything can count. For a witty and modern take on recycled ornaments try taking unloved small toys, cotton bobbins, pine cones and use red spray paint to give them a unifying theme, making a great alternative to the usual coloured baubles for your tree.

6. Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Nordic ornaments are the style go-to for cool decorations. The mix of earthy materials such as metal and wood ornaments and a tight colour palette of red and white keep the look pared back without losing the warmth or humour.

Looking to include natural decorations in this theme? Very applicable; replace your usual pine with a silver birch branch over the mantle and dangle your ornaments from it artfully. Ideal for those who like a nod to style with wit and without too much traditional history.

7. Making Christmas Sparkle

Even the strictest minimalist can’t resist a bit of sparkle at this time of year. And, yes, you can do twinkly without looking naff. Use themes to keep it all bold and refined: try using white decorations or glass decorations such as baubles in only two colours, or one theme such as silver ornaments and weave through fairy lights or a thin rope of LEDs.

Try an open bowl of your personalised baubles or large ornaments, with some Christmas tree lights inside for a quirky table decoration. But whatever you do, just make it yours.

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