Laundry Room Ideas That Work

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Utility Room Ideas That Make Laundry A Breeze

Calm and practical solutions

Whether you see it as an opportunity for mindfulness, a place to get some quiet time and enjoy creating the order or find it a chore, laundry is an inescapable part of life.

Even if you have someone in the home who takes care of it for you or you’re in toiling every day, planning a laundry room that is pleasant to be in, works efficiently, and feels nice to be in, is a great place to improve your daily grind.

A utility room that feels calm and welcoming may even invite more active visitors and you may even find a reluctant partner or children getting involved.

That is reason enough to start thinking of laundry ideas that lighten the load.

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Giving Your Room A ‘Look’

Laundry room décor doesn’t have to be all practical and plain. There are lots of ways to make a room that’s both functional and a pleasure to spend time in (and lets, face it, depending on your interest in fresh bedding or the size of your family that may be quite a lot).

Instead of just giving over to the idea that your room is full of white goods and therefore ends up as an afterthought guaranteed a loveless space.

Laundry room ideas need to be given a unifying theme and set colourways. If you aren’t going to have cupboard doors or integrated appliances, then you may want to keep to white with a contrast material such as dark wood for a classical and luxurious look, or if you have aluminium toned appliances.

Space-saving and stylish window coverings like roller blinds are a great solution with easy to clean and moisture resistant fabrics.

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Lighting & Storage

A room that has good ergonomics (the study of best workplace flow), will account for all the tasks that need to be utilised in this room.

First, you need to be able to see what you need to do, so task lighting and space planning go hand in hand.

Where you will fold laundry will need good light, (a window if you are lucky during the day, recessed spots above at night) or where you need to look through laundry products. Clever laundry storage ideas cut on back work: if you fold sheets from the dryer, then make sure your airing cupboard storage is next to you the dryer, so it’s one swift movement to lift from the machine, fold and place on the shelf where it lives until needed.

Same works with a stacking washing machine on top of a dryer, where heavy wet clothes can be slipped swiftly into the machine below.

Utility room storage ideas often have a slightly broader set of requirements from hoarding wet weather gear, hockey kit, spare parts for your bike or garden tools. Again, putting the shoe storage closest to the door or the cricket bats on big pull-out drawers rather than in cupboards from which they clatter out, will prevent dragging mud or heavy kit around with no win.

Small space planning is not about wanting to make it seem larger but more about the pleasure of a practical design that works

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Ideas Your Laundry Room Will Love

A laundry room needs to be fit for purpose, and the best laundry room ideas should be easy-clean, fuss-free and promote good health.

A utility room standard is to wipe down paint or incorporate laundry tile ideas that don’t allow humidity, moisture or mildew to create mould.

If you are using tiles, look for grout the type that repels moisture and defeats the growth of bacteria keeping the space wonderfully hygienic.

And don’t just stick with the standard white; Why not use a pattern or border of a bright yellow with contrasting blue grout for a playful look.

Fresh doesn’t have to mean white, lots of other colours can feel energising and interesting. If your space is enclosed, look at eco paint so that you have fewer toxins released into an airless room.

If you are lucky enough to have sunlight, use window coverings that are wipe-clean, or naturally moisture resistant blinds like a faux wood shutter and if you have a window that can open to let fresh air circulate.

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Clever Storage Ideas

When looking for good utility storage ideas, new isn’t always best. Ceiling drying racks were always popular in kitchens, and they feel out of favour with drying appliances.

However, they keep down your bills and look stylish, as well as adding a nice twist to utility room storage ideas; instead of traditional airing cupboard storage why not consider keeping sheets or towels up there to stay air circulating until you are ready to use?

Even an open hanging bar with some colour coded (per person or just to add a pop of colour) can work to drip dry clothes but also provide extra storage. If you don’t have the height these can fold down from the wall, ideal for very small utility rooms.

Laundry storage usually includes liquids and bottles but if you like to be eco you can use a wall-mounted dispenser you can refill with pouches rather than buying plastic bottles constantly.

These also help keep items off your work surfaces clear. Eco eggs or washing balls can also replace liquids or speed up cleaning, cutting down energy and resource use.

Another eco and pocket-friendly classic in the form of a traditional clothes horse is a great space-saving solution. Proof that Granny, as always, knows best.