The Best Blinds For Large Windows

Beautiful large windows have huge advantages including lots of natural light, a chance to admire inspiring views from the comfort of your sofa. Here’s how to make the most of them…

The Best Blinds For Large Windows

Large Windows Need Special Treatments

Not all large or picture windows are made equal. Before you plan any custom window treatment or specialist blinds, you need to consider what challenges you are trying to manage as well as the visual effects of your window dressing ideas. Large window blinds can work like a canvas or flat wall when closed, so you need to put some serious thought into large window blinds.

Window treatments for tall windows or wide windows suit different materials and technically will have limitations. And they can create a draughty sensation if not properly insulated, and a burning glare from the sun if not easy to control the amount of light.

Wood blinds Wood blinds

Visual Effects

When researching ideas on how to decorate big windows, look outside first. Are you gazing at a seasonally inspiring woodland? Or, a patio garden overlooked by neighbours? Blinds for large windows come in various options like vertical blinds and Venetian blinds, which can lend themselves to window treatments that can filter or obscure the view.

Vertical blinds are great for managing privacy whilst retaining a slice of this view and wooden Venetian blinds can make an elegant connection between a natural view beyond the glass and the world inside the home.

Silhouette® Shades Silhouette® Shades

Love Light

You can change the mood of your home with fabrics. Choosing a soft fabric such as those in our Silhouette ClearView ™ blinds; you can softly filter the light whilst still enjoying your view to the outside.

Brown blinds Brown blinds

More than a window

Window treatments need to, of course, work with the frames and also any details such as cleats and fixings, bookshelves, or radiators. Bay window treatments are often curtains by default, but using a roller blind fitting tighter into the frame than a curtain, makes it a neater solution if you’d like to place a desk or window seat in that area. You also have more opportunities to manage the individual amount of light coming through each window.

Luxaflex® Luxaflex®

Mix it Up

Some design schemes call for the grandeur of oversized drapes. You can have control of your blinds, but also soften the edges for a period room with complimentary drapery (which can also help with noise in rooms with high ceilings). Silk drapes can have a romantic airy feel when combined with sheer blinds. If you want to bring the whole look together on a very tight theme, look for natural blinds in an earthy material such as a rich wood with matching wooden curtain poles, and for drapery ideas that use fabrics that are also earthy. Like drapes and curtains in raw linen or with a thick, nubbly weave. Well-considered window treatment ideas can make your large windows the star of your decorating show.

Window blinds living room Window blinds living room

Framing and Patterns

Your window treatments will help create the visual structure of your room, so when planning, don’t think of your large window as an afterthought. In a neutral scheme window, dressing can bring in a punch of colour and also, when closed, be used to totally change the mood. Don’t be tied to the idea that matching is always the answer. Alternating shades and patterns mean sections can play off each other and stop the expanse of a large or long window from becoming an oppressive solid block.

Big window blinds from outside Big window blinds from outside

Privacy & Security

Blinds for large windows may be a nice problem to have, but they do have their own considerations. Privacy and Security need to be managed, and if you are away from home, you may want to ensure that your home security is not compromised by blinds always just open or closed for long periods.

Timed automatic blinds were a standard way of addressing this, but now smart blinds such as Luxaflex® PowerView® Automation can be controlled by your phone or tablet when you are miles away from home as when it suits you.

Luxaflex® Luxaflex®

Managing Thermal Gain & Cold

Energy-efficient blinds help you manage the hot and cold variables of the British weather. Insulating blinds, like Duette® Architella® Shades that hold the warmth in on cold nights and keeps excess thermal gain out hotter days out, cutting down on heating and cooling energy bills which can be huge with large windows. Investing in insulated blinds can ensure your large windows are a stunning feature rather than a blindingly bright problem to solve. A win all around.