Cleaning Facette® Shades

Regularly removing dust from the shade with a feather duster is usually enough to keep your Facette® Shade looking smart and clean.

The antistatic 100%Trevira CS yarn ensures that the Facette® Shade remains dirt-free for longer. More stubborn dirt and most types of stains can be removed with a damp cloth or by immersing the Facette® Shade in a bathtub with a mild (non-synthetic) cleanser.

Then rinse with water and leave to dry in the completely lowered and closed position.

Do not iron the Facette® Shade!

The Facette® Shade can also be ultrasonically cleaned by a professional cleaning company.
For more information about this, contact your dealer.

The above advice has been prepared with care. Nevertheless, we can accept no responsibility for the results of the cleaning.

Please note: Do not fold, crease, scrub roughly or iron!