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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

As energy prices continue to rise, we all need to manage our homes’ energy consumption as effectively as possible. It’s easy to turn up the thermostat when it gets a bit chilly or crank up the air conditioning when it gets too warm.

But, have you ever considered the impact that thermal window blinds could have? Did you know, that you can save on your energy bills with energy-efficient thermal blinds?

These blinds act as a layer of insulation at your window and can help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Let's take a look at the great features you might not have considered so far..

Duette® Shades - the Original Thermal Blind Duette® Shades - the Original Thermal Blind

Duette® Shades - the Original Thermal Blind

Luxaflex® invented the original thermal blind when they created Duette® Shades, just over 40 years ago.

Today Duette® Shades are the most desired window blind with homeowners due to their unique energy-saving features, versatility, quality, and superb style.

Interestingly a home can lose up to 50% of its energy through its windows. The unique design of Duette® ensures your home stays cooler in the summer, warmer in winter, and insulated all year round. Thermal blinds can make your home more sustainable, which in turn is good for the planet and you too.

Duette® Shades - the Original Thermal Blind Duette® Shades - the Original Thermal Blind

Do Thermal Blinds Work?

Thermal Blinds offer many advantages you might not have considered for your home.

  • Saves money on your energy bills
  • Insulates your home all year round
  • Keeps rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Sustainable Cradle to Cradle Certified™ fabrics
  • Exclusive styles to suit every home and budget
  • Transforms comfort levels an innovative thermal design
  • Fits almost every window and door shape
  • Perfect solution for Tilt and Turn and Skylight windows
  • Creates more comfortable conservatories
  • Protects furnishings from harmful UV rays
  • Improves your home's acoustics by reducing echoing up to 60%.
  • Convenient smart home or cordless control

Inspiration Gallery

Be inspired

Duette® Shades - Room Darkening Duette® Shades - Room Darkening

Unique Honeycomb Design

From the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen, thermal blinds are not only stylish but also offer room darkening, light-filtering, privacy, and insulation for windows and doors.

Their distinctive honeycomb design traps air, allowing your window covering to act as an insulator. This keeps your home warm in winter by keeping more heat in and cooler in the summer by reducing incoming heat.

The special design also helps block the sun's harmful UV rays that can cause fading of your flooring and furniture.

Luxaflex®  PowerView® Automation Luxaflex® PowerView® Automation

Energy Efficiency with Smart Home Control

If you are considering smart solutions to make your home more energy-efficient, why not take a look at Luxaflex® thermal blinds with smart home PowerView® Automation.

This easy-to-use system lets you control all your Luxaflex® blinds from your smartphone, remote control, wall switch, or voice. Best of all, PowerView® is compatible with leading smart home systems such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and more.

You can maximise the sunlight and reduce the cold entering your home with automated settings. By opting to integrate your Luxaflex® PowerView® Hub with smart heating controls, your blinds will move to commands that signal if adjusting your blinds will help reduce your home's energy use.

Your local Luxaflex® retailer can show you all the great features that PowerView® Automation has to offer.

Duette® Shades Duette® Shades

Stylish & Practical

When it comes to style, you'll be spoilt for choice with hundreds of unique colours and patterns to suit any decor.

Our latest range of Duette® fabrics are A++ energy rated so choosing the right blinds can also have a significant impact on your energy bill.

Each fabric comes with information explaining how it can save heating energy, keep out heat from the sun, and provide extra sound absorption. And if you live in an open plan home, you'll be glad to hear that the honeycomb design can also help to reduce any annoying echoing that you get from hard surfaces like glass and floors by up to 60%. This can really make a difference in creating that feeling of a cosy and comfortable home.

Stylish and energy-efficient living - who wouldn't want that!

Expert Retailers Expert Retailers

Where to Buy Luxaflex® Thermal Blinds?

Your local Luxaflex® retailer is on hand to help your choose the perfect thermal blinds for your style, windows, and practical needs.

From inspiration to expert advice, they'll also take care of professional measuring and installation of your new blinds for that perfect fit.

Get started by booking a free consultation today.

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