White Roller Blinds

Elegant & Timeless

There’s nothing more stylish than a white roller blind with a timeless and elegant style.

White is so versatile as it really does work with every interior style and accent colour and that's why a white roller blind is a good investment for your home.

And white doesn't mean plain!

White Roller blinds can add a subtle accent with a pattern whilst still staying true to the clean white feeling.

And when you talk about the nuance of colour, white comes in a huge range of hues from pure white to eggshell, cream or grey-white to add softness and interest to your white roller blinds.

Be inspired by our favourite Luxaflex® white roller blinds this season!

Luxurious Textured Whites

For a striking and truly exclusive style choose a custom-made white roller blind in a beautiful textured fabric.

This refined look in a soft chalky white, not only looks stunning but comes to life as the light plays across the unique textured fabric, whilst still retaining your view of the outdoors.

The look doesn't stop with windows as patio doors and skylight windows can be coordinated in the same fabric style. This enables you to control the light and create a cohesive design on every window in your home.

Sleek design details like the black metal trim create a sophisticated and modern look.

And don't worry about hard-to-reach windows, as our smart home PowerView® Automation system lets you control your Luxaflex® Roller Blinds at any time of the day or night.

Modern White Style

Geometric patterns are a great look for white roller blinds, adding interest to windows with a modern look that blends perfectly with the wood accents.

Choosing a light-filtering fabric diffuses harsh light but still keeps you connected to the outdoors. And at the same time, softens extra-large windows, providing glare control when the sun is too bright.

Stylish and streamlined, white roller blinds fit neatly inside the window and door frame and when rolled up, virtually disappear to give you a clear view of the outside.

For kitchens ( and bathrooms) that can be humid, our special water-resistant fabrics make cleaning easy and keep your blind looking good for longer.

Worried About White in Children's Rooms?

But before we talk about white, the most important element in a child's room is safety. At Luxaflex®, we consider child safety a top priority. Our range of blind feature child-safe cordless and smart home blinds with remote control or an app to give your peace of mind.

For a multifunctional child's playroom, nursery, or bedroom you might be concerned that the white roller blinds will get dirty with sticky little fingers! Good design and durability are essential as these rooms must be able to handle the rough and tumble of everyday life.

To keep your new white roller blinds looking great, we’ve created a special fabric finish called StainStop®.

This unique coating adds extra protection to fabric blinds from the common kitchen and household water-based marks like cola, fruit juice, tea, milk, coffee, vinegar, or honey. This makes it easy to wipe clean and maintain your Luxaflex® fabric blinds - keeping them looking new for longer.

To make your blinds even more versatile, choose a room-darkening for children's rooms as it means if the little ones need to nap, you can have some downtime too.

Talk to your Luxaflex® retailer about the best solutions for your practical needs and style considerations.

Delicate White Patterns

This gorgeous patterned white roller blind is anything but plain!

The delicate nature-inspired pattern looks modern and feminine with a light and airy feeling that softens these extra-large windows and doors. And the crisp lines of the roller blind work perfectly to compliment the modern style of this neutral decor.

Mixing White with Patterns

A white background is the best canvass for this delicate floral design that still retains the clean feel of white but with an extra special feel.

Can you see the subtle changes in the same pattern?

The bedroom image has a pure white background with a blue tone floral pattern and the second living room image has an off-white background with a mauve tone in the same pattern.

Both look quite different but compliment the overall décor scheme in each room.

That's the advantage when you choose custom-made Luxaflex® roller blinds as our designers create lots of options so you get the perfect white for the colour story in your home.

Ready to start choosing your new white roller blind?

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