Blinds For a Warm and Cosy Home

The winter months can be dark and drawn out, and a sudden drop in temperature can often leave you feeling quite cold. So, there is nothing better than cosying up in a warm home with the ones you love to stay warm.

Blinds For a Warm and Cosy Home

In our latest blog instalment, we’ve got together to discuss how this can be achieved. This article is jam-packed with ideas and inspiration on how you can help shut-out the cold, but also suggestions on which window blinds you could choose from.

Duette® Shades - Duette® Shades

Save on energy with Thermal Blinds

Thermal blinds act as a layer of insulation at your window. From the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen, Luxaflex® thermal blinds are not only stylish but also offer other unique qualities, such as light-filtering, privacy, and insulation for every type of windows and doors.

The distinctive honeycomb design of Duette® traps air, allowing your thermal blinds to act as an insulator. This helps to keep your home warm in winter by keeping more heat in.

Top Down Bottom Up Duette® Shade Top Down Bottom Up Duette® Shade

Blinds for that perfect fit

Poorly fitted blinds are just one of the reasons why your home might be experiencing heat loss.

That’s why our Luxaflex® TruFit® blinds are the ideal choice for you and your home. Top Down Bottoms Up Blinds by design do not require any additional fittings, they easily snap into place and cover the entirety of the windows. This ideal solution ensures that there aren’t any gaps around your windows, helping to keep the heat indoors and you and your family cosy this winter.

Duette® Architella - Duette® Architella

50% of heat lost from the home is through the windows

We’re all trying to find out the best way of reducing our energy bills whilst making our homes cosy this winter – are we right? With Duette® Architella Shades you can reduce heat loss in the home by almost half and help reduce heating and cooling needs.

If like us, you're environmentally conscious, as we all should be. Did you know that Duette® offers a unique and highly sought after Cradle to Cradle Certified™ fabrics collection too.

Children's Bedroom Children's Bedroom

Blackout Blinds

Helping to make a real contribution to your night's rest, Blackout Blinds are both stylish and practical. They keep out all the light when they’re fully extended, and are also known to have other benefits such as noise reduction and insulation. Thanks to their thick lining, outside noises can be dampened. They also have a unique way of creating that cosy atmosphere, thanks to a stunning collection of colours and fabrics on offer with Luxaflex®, ideal for children’s rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. They have the capacity to also control temperature and can aid insulation in and around the home due to their unique coating and linings.

Available in a range of options, you can choose from your traditional yet modern Roller Blind, to the unique and highly effective Duette® blind that can lock in heat and reduce noise pollution entirely.

Duette® Shades, Kitchen Duette® Shades, Kitchen

Dial up the cosiness

Blackout blinds are a must for homeowners, but have you thought about how your decor and interior furnishings can also help to create that cosy feeling.

Opting for warm colours, patterned wallpapers and super trendy panelling can also transform a space.

Using wood can instantly warm a room, from floors to furniture, just a small amount can go a long way.

Layering with curtains, rugs and throws can add another dimension to a room, making it feel smaller and cosier.

To add a final touch, you could always try blending the old with the new. This helps to bring character to your home; you can include vintage or antique pieces - so what are you waiting for…bring on the charm!