Energy efficient blinds for patio and bi fold doors

  • Nov. 20, 2023
  • Oliver Williams
  • Tips

Don't forget about window coverings for bifold doors and patio doors when you're looking to conserve your home's energy.

With energy costs still front of mind and many people reassessing how energy efficient their homes are, we aim to highlight the importance of not overlooking window coverings for bifold and patio doors when furnishing your home.

French door blinds French door blinds

With the large rise of DIY and home renovations over the past few years, extensions and spaces housing large expanses of glass and doors can often be overlooked when it comes to interior finishes and selecting window coverings.

As we head into colder months we often notice an increase in website visits from people seeking out window coverings for patio door blinds, french doors, sliding and bifold door blinds - suggesting these areas of the home are on the rise for energy-conscious consumers.

Duette® Shades

“Windows are one of the main sources of heat loss in a home, if there are no blinds or shutters installed it’s a missed opportunity to retain heat in a room.” says Thomas Vermeij, Commercial Product Manager at Luxaflex®.

“Window coverings, including those from the Duette® Shades collection, can help to reduce heat loss by up to 46%, even with double glazing, and save up to 12% heating energy* in part owing to the product’s energy rated fabrics.

“Installing blinds for openings including sliding doors and patio doors doesn’t mean you have to compromise on a reduction in natural daylight, or views to your garden and outdoor spaces.”

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Roller Blinds for Patio Doors Roller Blinds for Patio Doors

If you're mindful of the design impact on window openings and surrounds, look for product features including no drill blinds for uPVC windows and doors, as the blinds sit neatly inside the window panel, and products such as roller blinds that offer a slimline design.

You can also look to capitalise on the energy efficiency benefits you get from blinds when they need to be raised and lowered at optimum times. PowerView® Automation smart home control, allows you to adjust the times blinds open and close - allowing full optimisation of their energy saving properties. This functionality can also be controlled via our app when you're away from home, or your smart-home devices including Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.

*Data from the report titled ‘Energiebesparing en comfortverbetering’ from raambekleding van Milieu Centraal (10 augustus 2011).