Five ways to make pink work in your home

  • March 11, 2024
  • Oliver Williams
  • Tips

From baby pinks to blush tones, not only a practical item in the home, pink-hued window coverings will make a design statement too.

The effect of the colour depends on the intensity of the pink hue and how you combine it. Never being the retiring type, pink is much more versatile than just the popular pretty or in-vogue Barbie-inspired shades it’s perhaps most known for.

Venetian blinds - living room Venetian blinds - living room

Pale Pink

Combined with the more dramatic edge of metal, Venetian blinds offer sophistication in a blush pink tone with a subtle contrasting decorative tape.

Adding pink in your home sounds like a bold choice at first, but in a soft, powdery shade - such as Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2024 Sweet Embrace™ - it works as a neural.

Because it is not overpowering, it is also easy to combine with complementary accent colours. Combine soft pink with other pastel tones where the colours work in harmony.

Duette® shades - children's room Duette® shades - children's room

Sweet and Cheerful

Staying with soft pink, its relaxing softness makes it the ideal shade for a children's room or bedroom.

Extend this relaxing vibe to the bathroom or any other room in the house where you want to be able to completely unwind.

A brighter variant, such as magenta or fluorescent pink, can then provide extra energy as an accent in a living space. Artwork, fun accessories or an armchair in pink can bring the whole room to life.

Filtering out Wintery Blues

A softer way with pink is to combine it with sunlight. It warms up cold, blue, wintry light and becomes almost coral with the summer sunshine filtered through it, as with these fabric panes in the Pirouette® collection.

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Plissé shades Plissé shades

Highlight With Pink

Pink Plissé shades can add warmth to large open plan rooms.

If you're looking for space saving solutions, the compact design makes these pleated blinds perfect for all shapes and sizes of windows, with the added benefit of helping to keep your home cool in the summer and retain heat in the winter months.

If you’re looking for blinds for Patio doors or Bi-fold doors, Duette® shades and Plissé shades can be fitted without drilling the frame with our clever TruFit® or FrameFix® systems.

LightLine® roller blinds LightLine® roller blinds

Sheer or Room Darkening Fabrics?

White schemes have a timeless quality but can seem very frosty in the winter or give a blinding glare from the midday sun.

Available in various shades of pink, Roller blinds can help to soften and disperse the light throughout an all-white room, available in various opacities from sheer looks to room darkening fabrics.