Dulux Colour of the Year

Dulux Colour of the Year 2024: Sweet Embrace™

A soft, warm colour that radiates a positive and calm atmosphere - Dulux’s Colour of the Year has it all.

Why does Dulux choose a colour of the year?

We know what a big decision it can be when committing to a new colour for your home spaces - devouring the sample cards and tester pots.

If you need a helping hand along the way, the colour experts at Dulux have recently announced their Colour of the Year for 2024.

Sweet Embrace™, the name given to Dulux’s Colour of the Year, is described by their team as ‘a kind, delicate tone that brings a feeling of positivity to our lives’.

And, you’re in good hands as Dulux’s trend experts travel the world translating their insights into an annual Colour of the Year that matches the mood of the moment.

The idea behind Sweet Embrace™

“What do we need in our homes in the coming years, and how can we translate this into one color?”

The Dulux experts concluded that in today's busy and sometimes chaotic world, it is more important than ever that our homes are a special place. A place where we can truly come home and feel completely at ease. This year Dulux created Sweet Embrace™, a soft and positive pink shade, as their Color of the Year 2024.

Inspired by the softness of feathers and the serene sight of evening clouds, Sweet Embrace™ evokes a calm atmosphere, especially in rooms flooded with sunlight. For north-facing rooms, the color creates a warm glow.

Despite its pink character, the colour is subtle enough to act as a versatile base colour that blends harmoniously with other shades.

Luxaflex® window decoration matching with Sweet Embrace™

Complementary colour palettes

To get the most out of Sweet Embrace™, Dulux has designed three color palettes, each with its own unique effect: calm, warm or uplifting.

With the help of these color palettes, you can choose exactly which color story you want to incorporate into your home.

Colour Palette Sweet Embrace™ Colour Palette Sweet Embrace™

The calm color palette

For example, choose the calm color palette to create a relaxing living room, a ‘switch-off’ space. If you lounge doubles up as your workspace, look to incorporate Vertical venetian blinds at the window or door. The blind’s fabrics are available in different transparencies so you can let light in but keep out any distractions.

Colour Palette Sweet Embrace™ Colour Palette Sweet Embrace™

The warm color palette

Take inspiration from the warm color palette to create a cosy and comfortable bedroom. Create a restful space and block out the light in the evening with Duette® Day and Night shades. Combining two fabrics - one light filtering and one room darkening in a single shade to give you the light you desire when you need it most. Control your Duette® shades from the comfort of your bed with PowerView® automation, let in subtle daylight and wake up in peace. PowerView® automation allows you to manage your blinds with a remote control, a smartphone app or even by your voice.

Shades of lilac and modern yellows are seen in the uplifting colour story. Our wide range of window coverings, with large variations in fabrics, designs and colors, gives you endless possibilities to make this colour story your own!.

Previous colours of the year

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Making a statement

So, you’ve picked a colour and you’re ready to get going with the paintbrush and roller?

Consider the same colour for your room’s woodwork as well as the walls - one feature we love is to continue the colour to skirting boards.

Or, why not consider complementary white-based painted walls and bring in the colour to ceilings and your window recesses - a modern touch that adds personality. If you have a small space, consider all walls in the same colour - a bold move that is sure to get your guests talking!

If you have any questions about Sweet Embrace™, Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2024, or would like interior advice from one of our specialists, search to find a showroom near you.

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