The best choices for a hygienic kitchen

  • March 18, 2024
  • Rebecca Jones
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We’ve done some research on some of the most appropriate materials and design ideas to use in a kitchen so you don’t have to…

Hygiene is a number one priority in any kitchen - giving you a clean and safe environment to prepare food but also a pleasant environment to entertain and enjoy your meals.

Let's delve into the options and design ideas in more detail...

LightLine® roller blinds

Work surfaces

For countertops, arguably one of the largest areas to keep clean in your kitchen, choose quartz, stainless steel or wear-resistant laminate as opposed to marble or wood. Those options provide stain resistance and are super easy to clean.

Doors and cabinets

Doors that have a smooth flat surface or have a gloss finish, will make daily cleaning and wiping down much easier. If you have painted cabinets, use a gentle cleaning solution so you don’t damage the paint - the same goes for kitchen walls.

If your kitchen cabinets or walls are in need of a new lick of paint, look for specialist paints that include anti-bacterial properties and are more durable against grease and cooking stains.

Utility rooms

If space allows, utility rooms are great to keep dirty laundry and muddy boots away from food preparation areas - keeping your kitchen clean and more hygienic.

A dedicated space for your washer and dryer, coats and all the items and gadgets you don’t want on display in your kitchen - sounds like bliss!

Plissé shades Plissé shades

Window treatments

At Luxaflex® we’re all about convenience (hello, PowerView® automation), offering functional window coverings that are low maintenance.

If you’re looking for kitchen blinds, opt for fabrics that are splash and stain resistant. Those that are easy to wipe with a damp sponge or cloth get a big tick from us.

Another option is our moisture-repellent coating StainStop®, fabrics that are available in our Roller blinds and Duette® shades and Plissé shades product ranges.

Oh, and let’s not forget our Elements Collection - a range of classic vertical faux wood blinds.

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Vertical Wood blinds Vertical Wood blinds

What to consider when choosing kitchen blinds

  • Hard to reach windows? Consider smart home blinds with voice control
  • Privacy a concern? Venetian blinds allow privacy and natural with a simple tilt
  • Humid room? Look for moisture resistant materials that are easy to clean
  • Looking to let in more natural light? Consider sheer fabrics that will softly diffuse natural light
  • Need space saving solutions? Roller blinds and Duette® shades fit neatly into the window’s recess

Easy-Care tableware

A worthy investment - pots and pans. Purchase items with a good quality non-stick coating meaning you need less oil for cooking, lowering the chances of splashes and stains.

Kitchen utensils made from silicone are most efficient and super easy clean while chopping boards in plastic or tempered glass make for a more hygienic option compared to wood.

Self-clean appliances

Designed to make everyday life that little bit easier, self cleaning and Pyrolytic ovens incorporate features such as catalytic liners that efficiently absorb grease and dirt.

Pyrolytic oven temperatures can reach up to 500 degrees celsius, burning food residue into a fine ash which is easily wiped away.