White wooden blinds ideas for classic interiors style

As every man and woman who likes to cut a dash will know, that as well as the yearly seasonal collections it’s essential to also have the perfect white t-shirt in your wardrobe. The one that works with everything from your favorite jeans to you sharp tailored work suit.

The interiors version of this is those pieces that never age, have an eternal appeal and are worth that extra bit of investment. Top of that list is the classic white wooden blind, a style choice that can appeal to the minimalist and traditionalist alike. For those who enjoy updating their home looks frequently they’re a wonderfully adaptable option, and for those who like to keep it simple and consistent they offer enduring style. White wooden blinds can add to a clean uncluttered look, feel fresh and bright and also offering a great deal of privacy. And regardless of the amount of sunlight or the size of your window aperture, they can work in every home.

Where to use them

White wood blinds are the perfect solution for all kinds of rooms, as long as you begin with some simple considerations. If you are looking to use some traditional Venetian blinds, start with the size of the room and window. As a rule the smaller the window the smaller the wooden slats on the blind should be, making it seem more in proportion with the frame and room itself. However, also consider that wide slats have a shallower stack height and are worth considering if you want to allow as much light in as possible, when you pull the blinds up to expose the window.

Depending on the finish, real wooden blinds can be better suited to bedroom or living areas rather than bathrooms or kitchens. If you do want to use them in rooms that where steam can be an issue, look for something durable and moisture resistant then such as faux wood blinds, in PVC or composite style. Blinds for large windows or conservatories can create a cool island style, especially appealing if you need to cool down a room from excessive thermal gain. Blinds made to measure will give you the best insulation but also a sense of quiet luxury, perfect in a simple minimal scheme. The flush finish is ideal for bathroom blinds where keeping in warmth in is key and, as with kitchen blinds, it’s worth considering the window blinds are easy to clean (perfect if you have any enthusiastic, messy cooks in the house).

Where to start

For a perfect fit, made to measure wooden blinds are option for a truly polished look, so start by considering if they will work with your sills or window surround. Wooden blinds can also be a great insulator for both temperature and noise, so consider how essential those qualities are. Is your bedroom on a busy road or do you have chilly single paned glass? If you really do want the white look of white wooden blinds, but these are big issues for you, try something more in line with the look of shutters: a combination of a traditional slatted blind and a panel. Often called plantation shutters, they combine slats sitting inside a wooden frame which mean you can fold them all the way back and also manipulate each panel separately.

These made to measure blinds or shutters, (depending on your point of view) are ideal for awkward spaces. If you are overlooked on a busy street into your kitchen but want the morning sun, café style shutters that cover just the bottom panes can add a fresh feel to space that could feel shut in by normal full height window coverings. If you want to be able to close down the space fully but like the element of a half shutter, tier on tier shutters allow you to enjoy both looks as the mood takes you.


Finishes and shades

It’s all in the finish: Varnishes and stains in Gloss, satin or matt can give a hugely varying effect, as will the selection of a modern blue toned white or a softer and warmer, vintage white wooden blind. When considering how to choose the finish if you’re looking for a brighter more sleek look then choose a smooth, flat coating that can be achieved with a sprayed finished. For more texture, a distressed or grained surface will add subtle interest without the distracting detail of a pattern. Finishing details are also key; a white wooden blind with tapes can be either edgy or subtle: try using a woven black, grey or wood tone to contrast or a pure white for a more ethereal look. Which ever detailing you choose, you’ll end up with a design classic you can enjoy for years to come.

Thinking of white blinds for your home? You might like also like our fabric ranges, such as our latest innovation Pirouette.


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