How to Create a Perfect Reading Nook

stack of books in window

Who wouldn’t want a space to call their own? Whether you live alone or in a lively collective setting, a space devoted to reading and reflection would be welcome to most. For kids it can even just be a little corner they can call their own and create their own creative little world. It may seem a far off dream, but a small corner such as some comfy window seating, a day bed with a bookshelf over it, or your most comfortable reading chair obscured from general view, could be all it takes to achieve your aim. Essentially, reading nook ideas can be as daring as your imagination allows. We’ve got some ideas to get you started.

 reading nook with striped blinds

What’s It For

When thinking about the best places to read a book you’ll no doubt conjure up an image of quiet and light. But as well as your favourite novel would you like to use it for meditation, listening to music or chatting to friends? Do you prefer total privacy (essentially creating a small living room), or are you happy with window seating with storage for notepads and novels? Plan carefully for what you need around you, to ensure to avoid visual noise from disturbing your calm. Plan storage carefully and use colours and fabrics that reflect the purpose; plush velvets for reclining, or a comfy flat-weave rug for lying prone, with a pillow behind your head.

Think Laterally

Most houses can accommodate a window seat in some form. If you have luxuriously large windows, a large bay window seat cushion can make it the ideal place to unfurl in the afternoon with a book. If you have the option of creating a built-in window seat, you can build a library in the seat to store your tomes so no one else can lose your page. If you are considering a window seat, Faux wooden shutters are a great way to keep out the cold, and reduce any ambient street noise. Alternatively steal a corner reading nook at the top of the stairs, or end of a hallway that you can hide from view with a screen made of an open bookshelf. This will afford you some privacy but also allow in light.

 reading nook comfortable chair


Manage the Flow

A grander project may have a swag of curtain or if you can, reclaim a cupboard where you can change the door to bookshelves that can be opened or slid to the side to reveal your den. If there is little natural light, play to that aspect. Add in your favourite reading chair, a blanket and a nearby radiator shelf for your current favourites, with some rich wall paint like a dark blue or rich green and a warm bulb reading lamp. The effect will work wonderfully for those who are fans of drama.

mug and book

Get Comfortable

Whether a bibliophile or just someone who likes to have a quiet place to think, carving yourself a quiet space just to relax and reflect can only be a good thing. To do this try out a several comfy reading chairs and consider a small footstool or ottoman footstool (to keep a blankets or newspapers in) to give you adequate reading back and neck support. Don’t forget a place for your cup of tea or some plants to add some natural calm. You want your retreat to be somewhere you can sink into fuss free.

white honeycomb blinds white chair

The Eyes Have It

You won’t use your space if you don’t get the core elements right. Lighting it right is key. Will you use it all times of day or as place to catch up on the news before the day starts, therefore needing brighter light? Or do you want to use it to rewind at the end of evening, needing good light focussed on your page but not overly stimulating? Spotlights above combined with a good reading lamp or if space allows a floor reading lamp, will give you options. Also consider for reading nooks with windows, sun will burn through them at some point during the day. A slimline roller blind in a pretty pattern will fit in even the smallest of windows and take up little space. The temperature of this light will also vary throughout the year, so you need to manage both thermal gain in the summer and the chill factor from your glazing in winter months. Take a look at our blinds that feature our revolutionary Duette®Architella® Shades technology to address these issues.

purple bean bag & green blinds

A Family Affair

Want to encourage your readers? Nieces and nephews or grand-kids often staying? A reading nook for kids with the right size kids reading nook furniture (or even a casual bean bag) can help them develop the ability to entertain themselves and create a lifetime love of reading and discovery. A legacy worth writing about.

No room for a reading nook but want to curl up with a book? Take a look at our cosy living room ideas.





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